Propane Gas Sauna Heaters | How Do They Compare with Electric Sauna Heaters

How do Propane Gas Sauna Heaters compare to Electric Sauna Heaters?

Gas Sauna Heaters are of two types: propane gas sauna heaters and natural gas sauna heaters. Compared to electric sauna heaters, gas heaters are a much more efficient and cleaner choice. Moreover, although they have a higher upfront cost, they are much cheaper to maintain and operate as the gas requires low energy costs. Thus, gas heaters are a much better option in the long run.

Gas heaters work similarly to how a gas stove works in your kitchen. They are sourced by a natural gas pipeline or a propane tank while electric heaters use electric voltage and have high power consumption. Hence, a sauna with gas heaters can also operate during power disruptions and outages. In addition to this, the propane gas heats up much faster and more efficiently. Hence, while an electric heater takes almost an hour to heat up the sauna, a gas heater has the job done in thirty to forty minutes.

However, as gas sauna heaters function using pilot light and piezo ignition, there is a risk of accidents involving fire and the burning of unclean fuel can also raise pollution threats. Moreover, electric heaters have inbuilt safety features and controls to adjust the temperature which gas heaters do not.

Nonetheless, gas sauna heaters are an underrated sauna heater choice that emits much cleaner and comfortable heat as well as provides the traditional wooden sauna aesthetic that electric heaters fail to.


Propane Gas Sauna Heaters?

Propane sauna heaters are one of the two types of gas sauna heaters available on the market. As mentioned above, the other type is natural gas heaters.

As the name suggests propane sauna heaters use propane, a colorless and odorless alkaline gas that can easily be compressed into liquid form for convenience and portability. In addition to this, this gas is not dangerous as it does not react strongly at room temperatures. This makes propane sauna heaters a reliable and safe option.

Compared to their natural gas counterpart, propane sauna heaters are much more portable and offer greater flexibility. This is because they can be attached to the tank outside the sauna whereas natural gas heaters need to be connected to the gas pipeline. Propane tanks can also be refilled. Thus, propane gas heaters are a great option for remote areas where there is not a convenient gas supply. In addition to this, propane is a clean gas with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


How to install Propane Sauna Heaters?

Like all gas heaters, you cannot install a propane sauna heater yourself. You require an HVAC licensed professional for this task. This is to ensure that it is installed correctly or else it can result in fire hazards or you can lose your sauna heater warranty.

In addition to this, to ensure a safe operation, use the appropriate size of the propane tank. This depends on the BTU (British Thermal Unit) content of your heater. It is the professional you hired for the installation who will help you accurately determine the most suitable size of propane tank for your heater.  For example, for a sauna room covering about 560 cubic feet, a 40,000 BTU propane heater is required. Also, remember to check your area’s local laws and regulations for propane usage.

Moreover, when installing a propane sauna heater, there are certain key points that you must keep in mind. Firstly, make sure that the walls, ceilings, and flooring of your sauna room are noncombustible. The heater must also have its own flue system. This means that there should be a pipe or opening in the chimney of the heater to allow exhaust gases to exit. On the flue pipe, there should be a draft diverter installed. In addition to this, these heaters also require a proper ventilation system to circulate the air in order to prevent the gas from accumulating inside the room, resulting in difficulties in breathing.


How to use a Propane Sauna Heater?

Once the propane sauna heater is installed, the next step is to run it. When you first run the propane sauna heater, make sure to run it for at least thirty minutes before stepping into the sauna room yourself. This will allow a much more effective and pleasing sauna session.

Before, running the sauna heater, always check the amount of fuel available in the propane tank. This can be checked through the gauge on your tank. For a smooth and safe session, the tank must be filled more than 1/4th. If the volume is lower than one-fourth, refill the tank. In addition to this, to prevent any fire hazard or combustion, keep the tank in a secure place, away from direct sunlight and open flames. In addition, the tank should be placed on a smooth, even surface in a stable position, or else you can face gas leakage.

Apart from this, if you are heater is not functioning properly, never try to repair it on your own. This can be very risky as gases are dangerous fuels if not handled with caution. Thus, always consult a professional for repairs.


The Best Propane Gas Sauna Heater

Scandia is the most renowned brand in the market for propane sauna heaters. It is an American brand manufacturing the best quality sauna gas heaters as well as sauna electric heaters.

Scandia-Vico 240 is the best propane sauna heater available on the market. It is a stainless steel heater designed to be mounted on the floor. With a 40, 000 BTU limit, the heater can heat up a room with a volume as large as 616 cubic feet.


Propane Gas Sauna Heaters


Scandia heaters come with outstanding features. They have a rock tray with a capacity to hold more than 160 pounds of high-density rocks. These rocks create remarkable puffs of steam which provide you with a feeling of ultimate bliss. Moreover, the heater has great ventilation and offers you the option of venting the heat vertically or horizontally. This makes the heater suitable for both, indoor saunas as well as outdoor saunas.

Although the Scandia Vico 240 heater is quite expensive, it is a real treat for people who are looking to experience propane sauna heaters.



In conclusion, propane sauna heaters are an excellent replacement for an electric heater. They are a much more feasible option in the long run. In addition to this, they are clean, and efficient and provide their users with a softer and more comfortable heat which greatly enhances the sauna experience.  Moreover, they are easy to maintain than electric heaters and can even function in remote areas without any power supply or during power outages. Hence, with these heaters, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited pleasures of the sauna at any place and any time.