Does Sauna help with Inflammation?

Have you been recently experiencing swelling, redness, and/or pain? Have you been feeling tired or feeling like your body is breaking internally and desperate for quick relief? Well, we’ve got you covered with the fastest cure to your inflammation; Saunas, which provides immediate relief by flushing out toxicity from the body via sweating and heat waves.

Saunas are more than just relaxation; they help improve quality of life and are becoming more popular worldwide. Whether you desire pain relief from inflammation or just some me time after a super chaotic day with kids, whether you wish for calmness after a tiring workday or whether you aim to rejuvenate your sore muscles after an intense workout, Sauna therapy has got you covered for everything!

What is Inflammation?

Simply put, Inflammation is your body’s ability (immune response) to heal itself from anything that harms it which could range from an injury to disease. An Inflamed body causes heat, pain, swelling, and redness. To better comprehend how saunas relieve inflammation, you should be able to distinguish the two types of inflammation.

Acute Inflammation

Acute Inflammation has short-term effects on the body, beginning rapidly and dissipating within days. It is caused by tissue damage or harmful bacterium. A swollen forehead after taking a blow on the head, a scratched knee after falling off the stairs, or a finger cut while chopping vegetables are examples of acute inflammation. As an immediate response, the body releases a fleet of white blood cells to cover and protect the area which results in visible swelling and redness.

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation as the name suggests has long-term effects on the body. It is slow and steady, taking months or even years to dissipate. This inflammation is caused by an internal threat, which signals the immune system to respond by releasing white blood cells, with no visible injury the white blood cells have nowhere to go instead they start affecting healthy organs which results in deteriorating health and the onset of diseases. Diseases such as Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, and Neurological disease fall into this category. Apart from the diseases, the body is struck with, chronic inflammation also leaves the body in a state of stress.


Does Sauna help with Inflammation?

In terms of Inflammation, Infrared Saunas have been proven to naturally reduce inflammation by targeting the core of inflammation. Infrared Saunas differ from the conventional ones in the way they use heat; Conventional Saunas use heaters that heat up the air (room) to high temperatures between 65 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius, this hot air then heats the user. Infrared saunas on the contrary use spectrum of infrared light via infrared lamps that use electromagnetic wave-producing heat that is directly absorbed into the user’s body without heating up the room.

Infrared saunas are more efficient in reducing inflammation and provide the immediate effect that is desired by every sufferer as the chronic pain leaves the sufferer feeling trapped in the anguish of their own body

Having talked about how Infrared saunas immediately relieve the pain you might be wondering precisely how they work with the body mechanism, and how they help reduce not only acute inflammation but chronic inflammation as well!

Well, here comes the answer to your question; Broad-spectrum Infrared Sauna reduces inflammation by:


Broad-spectrum infrared light is absorbed by the body into the network of its cellular structures which elevates Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), enhanced levels of ATP production in turn raises the oxygenation of the bloodstream. This oxygen-rich blood then flows to the areas of inflammation instantly reducing pain.

Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is the main aspect of inflammation, specifically chronic inflammation and infrared saunas have the solution to that as well. Infrared saunas have been known to relieve chronic headaches and rheumatoid arthritis by the infrared wavelengths targeting muscles and joints.

Stress Reduction

As chronic inflammation leaves the body in stress, Infrared light cajoles and soothes the body out of stress into states of relaxation, inflicting calmness and pure bliss by rejuvenating sore muscles and stiff joints.


The buildup of toxins in the body is one of the causes of chronic disease thus flushing out toxins has become extremely significant. Infrared saunas use wavelengths that target the closely packed toxins locked in fat and tissue, loosening them which are then easily wiped out in a sweat. Sweating helps with inflammation by rebuilding damaged muscle tissues and strengthening healthy proteins. Detoxification works in reducing inflammation with both conventional and infrared saunas because both of them initiate sweating and sweating is the body’s natural way of detoxifying.


How many sessions should you take for effective results?

After understanding how Saunas help with Inflammation the major question that hits the mind is how much time or how many sessions you should take for reducing Inflammation. Well, the good news is you start to feel the effects within the first 10 minutes; that is when you start to sweat! For injury and inflammation, the recommended sessions of infrared sauna are two times a week for over six weeks for 10-15 minutes, spending no longer than 30 minutes.

If you aim for detoxification, you should take two to three sessions a week for over a month. Though saunas are the safest treatment for inflammation, you have to keep your water level in check; drink two to four glasses of cool water before and after a sauna session to prevent dehydration, dizziness, and overheating. If during a session you ever feel sick, head to the door immediately!



Saunas are not only an epitome of relaxation but they also do wonders in reducing inflammation, whether it’s acute or chronic. A 20-minute sweat session along with infrared light brings about a positive change in the body flushing out toxins that are the cause of chronic disease, relieving pain, and soreness, and treating conditions like migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia to name a few. Saunas are the perfect way to stay healthy and are great for our physical, emotional, and physiological well-being. There is no harm in taking a sauna every day, but no more than twice a day, assuring that you are well hydrated.