Almost Heaven Sauna Reviews – Complete Guide & Unbiased Reviews 2022

Almost Heaven Saunas is one of the few companies around the globe that provides stunning yet artistic handcrafted authentic saunas. Because of their devotion and quality excellence, this company has risen to the top of the sauna industry. Your sauna experience should be top-notch, and Almost Heaven sauna has everything you are looking for.

From exquisite indoor saunas like the Logan 1-person Indoor Sauna to classic outdoor saunas, including Allegheny 6-person Cabin Sauna, you may choose any sauna that best serves your needs. Aside from that, they also have a special collection of saunas that will give you therapeutic benefits and relieve all your stress and anxiety while providing a surreal and organic experience.

However, is it enough to invest a couple of thousand dollars worth of saunas? The answer is no! Before you buy a sauna from any brand, you must know everything, despite their popularity.  So, here is a complete guide about everything you need to know about every Almost Heaven sauna.

Almost Heaven Sauna offers a wide collection of saunas, from cheap to most expensive. They make it possible for everyone to discover something best fitted for them. Their most popular and high-in-demand sauna is their signature barrel sauna. When you look for the list of the “greatest saunas,” Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas are always on that list.

The combination of finely honed craftsmanship and some science generates magnificent barrel sauna designs that demonstrate quality and durability in and of themselves. From small 2-person barrel saunas to full room saunas, Almost Heaven saunas have the best collection of everything for you.

Almost Heaven Saunas also has a superb collection of indoor and outdoor saunas in addition to their barrel sauna designs. These indoor and outdoor sauna models come in various styles, and you can always shop them confidently. The combo of the aroma of wood and the luxurious décor makes them the greatest saunas in the world.

Similarly, Almost Heaven saunas also offer nordic and infrared saunas, and no other saunas in the world can match their qualities. Not only saunas, but you can also find Sauna accessories and upgrades on their website as well.

Almost Heaven Saunas ships to the United States of America. If someone from outside the United States is interested in Almost Heaven saunas, they normally refer them to one of their partners.

The cost of Almost Heaven saunas varies from one product to another. It depends on the model and size of the sauna. Their famous barrel saunas range from $3750 to $11000. Similarly, the price of infrared saunas ranges from $2000 to $3000. However, the prices of luxury saunas are a little higher than others as they range from $6000 to $20000 due to some extra decor and renovation.


Criteria for Selecting an Almost Heaven Sauna

Before you choose an Almost Heaven sauna, you must be mindful of everything you’re about to shop for. You should know everything, from specifications to size and installation costs. Otherwise, you could risk wasting all of your money.

Stones and Heater

Stones and heaters are essential components of a successful sauna experience. If the stones are dry, you will enjoy a dry sauna session. On the other hand, if you place some water on the heated stones, it will produce mist and increase moisture. It is going to be a wet sauna experience.


It is critical for the optimal operation of a sauna that its walls and ceilings be well insulated. You should use slacks or cotton for insulation rather than fiberglass. Use foil sheets to keep the heat in.


Almost Heaven manufactures saunas in different designs, including cabin and barrel designs. Therefore, it is a must to consider the design of the sauna. You must select the sauna depending upon the area and space where you intend to install it. So, if you have a spacious lounge or basement, you should go with an indoor sauna.

Cost and Installation Price

Cost and installation are crucial factors when selecting an Almost Heaven sauna. These factors are greatly depending on size, design, and placement. The prices mentioned on their website are exclusive of any installation fee. Some Almost Heaven saunas require professional installation, while others can be installed without professional assistance.


Best Almost Heaven Sauna Reviews in 2022

The Best Seller: Nordic Corner 4-Person Indoor Sauna

Nordic Corner 4-Person Indoor Sauna is a trendy Nordic sauna with a superb power steam heater. Every sauna experience will be cheerful, spacious, and organic, owing to its full-length transparent glass doors with attractive plywood seats.

These sorts of saunas need less maintenance. After every session, rinse and clean its interiors or clean out the grit and dirt you might have brought in. It is designed for some best indoor moments and the best spa experiences.



  • Digital steam heater
  • Built-in Wi-Fi system
  • Mood lights
  • Five-year warranty on steam heater


  • Amazing spa experience at home
  • Its health benefits are widely accepted
  • Does not require any professional installation.


  • Too costly

The Most Affordable: Salem 2-person Barrel Sauna

The Salem sauna is great for people with lengthy to-do notes or value effectiveness. The 6’x4′ conventional sauna is designed to seat two persons. It can look great in any garden and can be installed in a fitness room.

This tiny architecture delivers an incredible spa session right at your home without too much space. When placed correctly, a heater of your sauna package will reliably attain heat of 175-185F in one hour.

Alternatively, you may move the scale to prolong its timings by up to 8 hours, complete the checklist, and rest inside its soothing warmth.



  • Made of stainless steel
  • Heat guard
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


  • Highly durable
  • Use less energy to heat up
  • Cost-effective
  • Beautiful interior


  • Can’t withstand heavy snow
  • Difficult to sand for a tall person
  • Difficult to install

Best for Compact Spaces: Logan 1-person Indoor Sauna

The Logan was created with the consideration of the space factor. You can use this classic sauna in your home, bedroom, or basement. Its small architectural design, approximately 53′′W x 36′′D x 78′′H, ensures that it probably wouldn’t take much room!

One user can enjoy this compact spa room with a temperature as high as 180oF. Switch on the 4.5kW immersion heater immediately to enjoy the comfort in 60 minutes, and you can also go for the eight-hour feature.


  • Wide sitting
  • Glassdoor
  • Hand-crafted


  • Get hot quickly
  • Convenient installation
  • Best for one person


  • Need to assemble
  • Cost around $4000.
  • Less spacious

Best For Family: Cascade 4-person Sauna

The Cascade Sauna has been created considering aesthetics, effectiveness, and productivity goals. The sauna’s appearance and touch are distinguished by its use of transparent maple with crystal redwood.

This Glacial pink granite seat offers a nice warmth throughout the sauna’s ambiance and additional therapeutic advantages. The sauna’s surface is wooden and strong, without splits that would fit snugly while visitors move about the chamber.

Its spacious seats will hold four individuals while enjoying a magnificent conventional sauna sensation. The Virta 9kW premium immersion stove has a unique computerized touch panel installed on its outside.


  • Door size: 64” H x 24” W
  • Window size: 64”H x 25”H (x2
  • Perfect for four people
  • Stainless steel
  • Digital heat controller


  • Low maintenance
  • Offers glass doors
  • Easy to assemble


  • Much expensive
  • Not good for compact places


Best Overall: 2-person Traditional Sauna

Another great sauna of 2022 is a 2-person traditional sauna. Everything is so fantastic about this sauna. The construction of this sauna is extremely artistic, and the designs seem incredible. This 2-person traditional sauna’s measurements are around 59”x 47” x75”.

Talking about the temperature, this great sauna has a 3.0 KW electric heater with 220 AMPs power. Manufactured and decorated with hemlock wood, 2 persons can sit comfortably in it.



  • Built-in ventilation system
  • Wide sitting
  • Tempered glass
  • Good backrest


  • Highly expensive



Almost Heaven sauna has featured such great varieties of sauna that no one can match them. They have saunas for everyone. Every Almost Heaven Sauna offers not only health benefits but other advantages as well.

Whether you are looking for premium construction, energy efficient, or impeccable sauna designs, Almost Heaven will make your hunt easy. You can discover the perfect match for your demands and preferences.

However, you should consider all the necessary pre-requisites before buying it. You should check all the safety standards as well.