Is The Sauna Good For Hangovers? All You Need To Know

Is the sauna good for hangovers? Many people think that sauna therapy can help them during their hangovers, but it’s not true. Sauna and alcohol are not best friends. Sauna is beneficial for removing the toxin because of sweating. If you have already reached that stage where you can’t live without a hangover, you have already damaged your body.

Are Saunas Bad For Your Hair? Everything You Need To Know

Are Saunas Bad For Your Hair? Several studies explain how in many cases sauna has affected the hair health positively restoring the hair loss pattern as well as improving the hair density and thickness after this effective treatment proving it be good for the hair. This thermotherapy increases the blood flow to the scalp leading to opening up of the hair follicles which stimulate faster hair growth.

Can You Read a Book In a Sauna? Everything you need to know!

Can you read a book in a sauna

Saunas have been the perfect spaces to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing for centuries. Originally a Finnish practice, they have become an essential feature in gyms and fitness centers worldwide. After a stressful day at work, there is no better way to relax than stepping into a red-hot sauna and allowing all your worries … Read more

Does Sauna help with Inflammation?

Does Sauna help with Inflammation

Does Sauna help with Inflammation? In terms of Inflammation, Infrared Saunas have been proven to naturally reduce inflammation by targeting the core of inflammation. Infrared Saunas differ from the conventional ones in the way they use heat; Conventional Saunas use heaters that heat up the air (room) to high temperatures between 65 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius, this hot air then heats the user.