Propane Gas Sauna Heaters | How Do They Compare with Electric Sauna Heaters

Propane Gas Sauna Heaters

Gas Sauna Heaters are of two types: propane gas sauna heaters and natural gas sauna heaters. Compared to electric sauna heaters, gas heaters are a much more efficient and cleaner choice. Moreover, although they have a higher upfront cost, they are much cheaper to maintain and operate as the gas requires low energy costs. Thus, gas heaters are a much better option in the long run.

Sauna Heater Rocks – A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Sauna Rocks

Sauna Heater Rocks

Sauna heater rocks play the most essential part in providing you with the perfect sauna experience. Since the origin of the sauna, these special kind of rocks have been used to heat the room and maintain the warm temperature of the room throughout the session. This is due to the fact that these rocks have certain absorption properties which allows them to absorb the heat and then slowly release it – just like a battery absorbs energy and releases it…

How to Clean a Sauna Suit? Step by Step Guide to Wash and Dry a Sauna Suit

How to clean a sauna suit

The first and foremost step is to the read the product label of your sauna suit. This is the most critical part of the cleaning process as on this label you will find all the information required to safely clean the suit. It is the care label which will inform you whether the material of the sauna suit is hand washable or machine washable. Moreover, the types of detergents that suit best will also be listed. Most labels also give the optimum water temperature in which you should wash the suit.

However, if there is no specific information mentioned on the label, hand wash the suit in lukewarm water using very gentle detergents or dishwashing soap…