Can I Bring My Phone in a Sauna?

Logically, one should avoid bringing their smartphone into a sauna at all costs. However, it is up to you to make that decision as to whether Can I bring my phone to a Sauna or not, after all, it is your phone. Let’s delve into this further as we answer this question.

Are you using a sauna to relax and attain benefits from it or is it to use your phone? If it is the former then spending 20 minutes relaxing without a phone should not be an issue. However, if you must use it even whilst being inside a sauna, there is no simple answer to the question, as every phone is designed differently.

Saunas are designed to operate at high temperatures ranging from 150°F to 195°F (65°C – 90°C). At such a high temperature, your body’s temperature rises to cause your heart to pump more blood. So, the question is should you be using your phone at such temperatures?

Can I Bring My Phone In a Sauna?


Most of the newer models of i-phones ranging from i-phone 13 to 12 have an IP68 rating, which in laymen’s terms means that these phones are resistant to dust, dirt, and sand and can withstand being in 1.5metres of water for up to 30 minutes.

But bringing your phone into a sauna is a completely different ball game. Not only will you be exposing your phone to high heat but there will also be humidity present in the room. Most i-phones have moisture sensors in them which if detected by the phone is indicated by a red light which can be seen by taking out the sim tray of the phone.

And if your phone does experience water damage due to a trip to the sauna room you will be paying a lot for those 20 minutes as Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage. Furthermore, there have been several lawsuits against Apple holding them accountable for their waterproof claims as those have not been entirely honest.

The recommended temperature to keep your i-phone is between 32°F – 95°F (0°C – 35°C). Most i-phones have a built-in temperature warning setting in them which causes the phone to shut off when they reach temperatures above 95°F/35°C. So, if you do take your phone, it shuts off, it renders you useless and you will immediately have to take it cooler environment to cool it.

So, in short, I would not be advising you to take a gamble on your phone by taking your phone inside the sauna. Keeping it outside will ensure its protection from heat or moisture damage.


Android Phone

While android phones can withstand slightly higher temperatures than i-phones, ranging from 32°F – 100°F (0°C –38°C) it is still not recommended to bring them into a sauna. The high temperatures present in a sauna can overheat the battery causing internal issues and can be a fatal move for your phone. It can mess with your internal setting of the device leading to loss of data and can even lead to it shutting down for good. On the other hand, the moisture which will be soaked by the phone can further lead to the phone overheating or even getting further inside your device.

In my opinion, it is just not worth the risk and should be avoided.


Air Pods/ Galaxy Buds

While taking your device inside is a relative subject, the matter of air pods or even galaxy buds is a completely different ball game. These earpieces are not meant to be used inside the sauna or even a steam room as confirmed by Apple.

The heat and humidity are no joke. It can to some extent damage the SIM card or the SD cards in the phone, while in some cases the heat might play a role in melting the outer body of your phone.

The same is applicable if you are a galaxy buds user. These devices are not sweat-resistant or water-resistant, hence using them under such conditions will render them completely useless.


Contamination Issues

Even if you did plan on taking your phone inside the sauna consider the number of germs you will be catching on your phone. People swear extensively inside the sauna which causes a lot of germs and bacteria to grow. So, you will be exposing your phone to it as unlike you your phone is not going to shower afterward!

The contamination problem goes both ways. You can be the one exposing other individuals present in the sauna to the germs prevalent on your phone. So, it is always good to be mindful of others when sharing public space.



People mostly use the sauna to relax and if you are using your phone it might interfere with their whole process. And if you are further using it to record or snap pictures it might go against their privacy policy.

It is always good to be mindful of the rules and regulations of the place as well as be respectful of others while using a combined public space.


Phone Protection

However, if you still desperately need to be with your phone inside the sauna, you could try out phone protector bags which claim to protect your phone from extreme cold and hot temperatures. An example is this sauna bag from Amazon which claims to protect your phone from the high temperatures present inside the sauna so that it keeps functioning normally.

Can I Bring My Phone In a Sauna

If you want to keep your phone nearby to listen to songs, audiobooks, or even podcasts another viable option would be to keep your phone just outside the sauna door. This way you would still be within the Bluetooth range and will be able to enjoy those audios whilst simultaneously relaxing in the sauna!



The summary? I don’t think it is worth it. You spend quite a money to buy a new phone only for it to get damaged during the process of you taking a sauna. Even if you have taken your phone with you and so far, it is fine; over time constant exposure to high heat will eventually damage your phone.

You should use that time in the sauna to utilize the essence of relaxation and sweat it out rather than messing it out on a phone. Even if you must have your phone with you inside the sauna, I would still recommend you try to limit the amount you take your phone inside. And while using it inside try using covers to somewhat protect your phone.

However, it is your own phone and your choice so if you do damage it is prepared for replacing it!