Medical Sauna Review – A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Healthy Medical Saunas in 2022

There are hundreds of saunas from reputable brands available in the market but there is one key element that they all lack – they are not designed by professionals. As a result, they fail to efficiently fulfill the primary purpose of a sauna. Saunas are not only supposed to relax your body while you are inside but also have a lasting impact on your mind, soul, and body after you step out.

Thus, after ten years of extensive research and perfecting the manufacturing process, a new brand, the name of Medical Sauna, entered the market. Although it is a fairly recent brand, it is the only one that offers Infrared Saunas that are designed by qualified doctors from Yale, Stanford, and Princeton universities. These are not medical just in name but in true essence and are here to heal you. In this article, we will give you a detailed medical sauna review to make your buying decision easier.

Medical Sauna Review

How Are Medical Saunas Different?

Health problems in America and the world are increasing day by day. More than 84 million Americans suffer from cardiovascular problems, 53 million Americans deal with arthritis, and 60 million Americans have problems sleeping every night. The cure to all these problems can be found in a good weekly sauna session. However, the saunas available in the market unfortunately do not meet the threshold of being medical. While saunas are supposed to relieve muscle, detoxify your circulatory system and reduce joint pains to a minimum, most of the saunas on the market are doing more harm than good with extremely high infrared emissions.


Benefits of Medical Sauna

Medical saunas on the other hand are licensed by medical professionals and are guaranteed to provide you with the medical benefits listed below:

  1. Relaxation: They promote relaxation by maintaining an optimized level of stress hormones in the body.
  2. Detoxification: They remove dangerous toxins and detoxify your body seven times more than a regular sauna resulting in enhanced skin.
  3. Improves Blood Circulation: They increase blood flow by sending heat to the muscles and soothing them.
  4. Improves Immune System: The medical sauna improves the immune system by helping your body produce more white blood cells.
  5. Helps Soothe Muscles: Improved blood circulation dilates blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to flow through and reach your muscles. This helps in the recovery of stiff muscles.
  6. Pain Relief: Medical sauna has extraordinary pain-relieving characteristics. The increased blood circulation reduces inflammation and helps reduce joint pains and arthritis to a minimum.
  7. Improves the Cardiovascular System: The increased blood circulation as a result of the medical sauna also improves your heat tolerance and cardiac output. Moreover, this has a positive effect on the vascular sheet of your muscles and prevents fatigue.
  8. Lose Weight: A single session in a medical sauna can help burn as much as 600 calories.


Best Selling Medical Sauna Review

Since the creation of the brand, Medical Sauna has introduced numerous highly efficient models of infrared saunas. However, the Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum Model is the best available in the market.

Medical Sauna Review


Medical 4 Full Spectrum



  • Capacity: 2 Person
  • Power: 1700W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 78.2 x 42
  • Weight: 385lbs


Features of the Medical Sauna

The basic features of the Medical Sauna are common in all models. We have discussed these features in detail below.

1. Durable Hemlock Construction

Medical Sauna is known for its remarkable durability. It is a common problem in many saunas available in the market that they have a very short lifecycle and gradually begin to lose heat. After a few years, even the good quality saunas fail to heat up the room efficiently as they did at the time of the purchase. However, this is not the case with Medical Sauna as it has a lifecycle of over 10 years.

The durability and long lifecycle of the sauna are due to its hemlock construction. After extensive research, the manufacturers decided to use Western Hemlock. This is a softwood that comes from hemlock trees and it actually strengthens with time. Thus, the sauna would get stronger and more durable as time passes. In addition to this, hemlock is shade-tolerant and has a good strength-weight ratio, making it perfect to build a lightweight sauna that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. However, assembling and setting it up in your home by yourself is a complicated job.

Apart from its durability, Hemlock also has astringent properties which help reduce inflammation, enhance the skin and detoxify the body. Thus, the hemlock construction adds to the lifespan of the sauna as well as its medical benefits and ensures that the user experiences a refreshing session.


2. Rapid Internal Heating System

Another attractive feature of the Medical Sauna is its Rapid Internal Heating System. While most saunas take around 90 to 120 minutes to heat up, the medical sauna can fully heat up to its maximum temperature within 40 minutes, saving electricity and minimizing bills. In addition to this, the internal heating system ensures that the heat reaches every muscle of your body and your entire body relaxes.

Furthermore, due to the efficient internal heating system, you will start to sweat immediately after stepping into the sauna. The heat will also effectively raise your body temperature by making the body feel like it has been working out.

Medical Sauna Review

This will not only improve your heat tolerance but also help your body produce an increased amount of white blood cells, immensely improving the immune system. An improved immune system is essential in fighting numerous diseases. Hence, it is ideal for a common person as well as an athlete.


3. 3D Heat Therapy

Medical Sauna is the first brand to introduce a sauna with 3D Heat Therapy in the market. The saunas have seven full spectrum heaters placed at well-thought-out locations such that heat penetrates your body from all directions. The heat rays reach deep into the body and touch every single, muscle and tissue, resulting in a very therapeutic and fulfilling experience.

The advantages of 3D Heat Therapy include relaxed muscles, reducing inflammation and risk of arthritis, flexible movement as well as the elimination of muscle spasms.


4. Hot/Cold Cleansing System

One of the best features of the Medical Sauna is its Hot/Cold Cleansing System which allows users to feel the benefits of going from hot temperatures to cold temperatures. Alternating between hot and cold temperatures improves your vasculature (veins and arteries) which then results in more efficient circulation of blood and enhances your cardiovascular system.

Healthy blood circulation is very beneficial for athletes as it has a positive impact on athletic performance and helps you recover quickly after vigorous exercise. Moreover, this feature also first constricts the blood vessels and then subsequently expands them which helps filter out toxins and maintain optimal blood pressure.


5. Detox System

Most people use saunas for their detoxification abilities. Saunas are famous for eliminating harmful toxins from the bloodstream. However, most saunas fail to remove all toxins from the bloodstream and often leave the most harmful ones. This is not the case with a medical sauna. As it is designed by a group of highly qualified doctors, it is guaranteed to flush out all impurities and toxins from your body.

Most of these toxins are those which we get exposed to on daily basis. These include phthalates (found on fast food), BPA (found on many household items), toxins found on plastic, and nicotine. The Medical Detox system is designed in such a way that it expands your skin pores, excretes out all the harmful substances from your body, and purifies your bloodstream.


6. Air Flow System

The most common problem most sauna users face is that the temperature inside the sauna is not consistent throughout the session and fluctuates very often. This does more harm than good as due to inconsistent temperature, the user is not able to fully utilize the benefits and instead has to pay hefty electricity bills.

To solve this problem, Medical Sauna has an airflow system that ensures good insulation and maintains a constant temperature throughout the session. Professionals have designed the sauna structure in such a way that it allows you to keep the sauna at your desired temperature and gain maximum benefits.

In addition to this, the design also allows a safe cool down. This means that after the session is over, the hot air gradually leaves the sauna, allowing your body to cool down at a pace that is not dangerous and is recommended by the doctors. Quickly changing temperatures can lead to health problems.


7. Skin Cleansing System

As mentioned above, Medical Saunas are constructed using the Western Hemlock softwood. Apart from its strength and stiffness, Hemlock also has healing properties and can do wonders to your skin. It removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and widens the skin pores, allowing toxins to exit the body. These features reinvigorate your skin after a single session and the user leaves feeling lighter and refreshed.


8. Omni Directional Heating

The most recent models of the medical sauna, the Medical 5 and the Medical 6 have an additional feature of Omnidirectional heating. Many saunas in the market fail to distribute heat evenly inside the sauna which beats its purpose of it. The heat from the sauna is supposed to caress every single inch of your body and reach every tissue to provide you with the maximum benefits.

Therefore, after extensive research, Medical Sauna introduced an additional feature that allows heat to flow from all directions and provides equal heat to both the upper and the lower body. This feature is of immense importance as the efficiency of the sauna depends on its heating abilities.


9. Hot Yoga

Medical Sauna is also the first sauna in the market which allows hot yoga during the session. Previously, hot yoga was not possible due to the lack of space inside a sauna. However, medical saunas have removable benches which once removed, create plenty of space for yoga. Thus, users can relax in the sauna as well as enjoy the benefits of yoga which include weight loss, a more flexible body, and detoxification.


10. LED Control Panel

Medical Sauna has a touch control panel that is user-friendly and very easy to operate. It allows adjusting the temperature, the light intensity of the Chromatic Therapy, and the time of the session.


11. Full Spectrum Infrared Technology

Medical Saunas consist of full-spectrum infrared heaters. This feature has been introduced for the first time in sauna heaters by Medical Sauna and provides the most therapeutic heating. Full-spectrum means that the infrared rays produced by the heater are of all wavelengths: near, mid, and infrared. Most heaters only offer one wavelength of the spectrum.

A full spectrum, however, multiplies the benefits as each penetrates the body at different depths and improves the efficiency of the heater and the light therapy.


12. Chromatic Therapy

Chromatic therapy is a treatment that utilizes different colors i.e. the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiations. These colorful radiations are extremely beneficial for your health and are being used for centuries to cure numerous diseases. Therefore, doctors at Medical Sauna have installed this feature in their sauna. Moreover, the sauna also allows you to adjust the light according to your comfort through the user-friendly control panel.


13. Energy Efficient

Most saunas have a voltage of 220V and thus consume a lot of energy, resulting in hefty electricity bills. The Medical sauna, on the other hand, has a voltage of 120V, almost half of what most saunas have. As a result, the sauna will not have much of an impact on your electricity bills and will have a contribution of fewer than 10 dollars.

This is even more surprising due to the fact the Medical Sauna offers additional features like Omni Directional Heating, Rapid Internal Heat System, 3D Heat, and Chromatic Therapy, and yet it is one of the most energy-efficient saunas.

Other features of Medical Sauna include Radio/AUX Player Functionality, Silent Heating, Internal lighting for reading inside the sauna, and Audio Theatre System including Built-in speakers.


  • Excellent Durability

  • Free Shipping

  • Warranty of 3-Years

  • Rapid Heating System with 7 Heaters

  • Provides Heat from all directions (Omni Directional Heating)

  • Low Power Consumption and Energy Efficient

  • Highly Efficient Detox System which ensures all toxins immediately exit with the sweat

  • LED Control Panel and Built in Speakers

  • FREE backrest for prolonged sitting

  • Doctor Designed

  • Expensive (Prices go up to $25K)

  • Poor component construction (doors get stuck)

  • Difficulty in removing benches for hot yoga

  • Complicated to Assemble properly

  • Chromatic Therapy is not very satisfactory



Medical Sauna Review – FAQs

Q: Is Medical Sauna Safe?

A: Yes, they are very safe. Due to the fact that use special carbon heaters which were engineered with the help of qualified doctors, Medical Saunas are much safer than any other sauna available on the market. In addition to this, Medical Saunas have a very low EMF rating. The EMF rating is the electromagnetic field strength of an object and every home appliance that uses electricity has an EMF rating.

However, Medical Sauna has the lowest rating. While hair dryers have a rating of 6 µT, medical saunas have one that is less than 3. Thus, they are safer than your hair dryers. Moreover, Medical Saunas use infrared heat which is also often used to keep newborn babies warm. This shows how safe the infrared heat is.

Q: What is the Humidity like in Medical Sauna?

A: Medical Saunas are infrared saunas that do not produce a lot of humidity. This is because these saunas do not use steam to heat up the sauna and cause you to sweat, which then results in humidity. Instead, the Medical Sauna uses infrared rays which penetrate through your body and raise your body temperature, causing you to immediately sweat.



To conclude this Medical Sauna Review, we can say that Medical Saunas are an extraordinary addition to the Sauna. The fact that they have been designed after 10 years of research and by qualified doctors adds to the credibility and the integrity of the product. However, when you decide on a purchase remember to purchase the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Our top choice is the Medical 4 Full Spectrum sauna as it comes with a wide range of features and has an extremely Rapid Internal Heating System which allows you to sweat immediately. One of its most attractive and unique features is its Full-spectrum Infrared Technology which enhances the performance of the sauna. In addition to this, it is a 2-personal sauna, perfect for residential use.