9 Best Sauna Accessories Every Sauna Person Must Have

Originating from Finland, saunas are small rooms heated to temperatures ranging from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures raise your internal body temperature, widen your blood vessels and improve your blood circulation. In addition to this, it relaxes your sore muscles and melts away any sign of tiredness from your body. Thus, these small wooden spaces are the perfect way to unwind yourself and positively impact your mental and physical health.

Best Sauna Accessories

Although saunas alone are enough to provide you with a feeling full of pleasure and relaxation, certain additional accessories can be used during the sauna to enhance your experience. Below is a list, in no particular order, of the best sauna accessories you can add to your sauna session to reach the highest level of bliss.


1. Sauna Buckets and Ladles

Sauna Buckets and Ladles are the ultimate part of the Finnish sauna experience. These buckets hold the hot water that produces the vapor during the session. The vapor or better known as steam is the most essential part of the traditional sauna. It is the steam that creates humidity and causes you to sweat profusely, allowing all toxins to exit your body.

In addition to this, the bucket can also be used to hold the sauna rocks. These are special kinds of ingenious rocks with extraordinary absorption properties. They maintain the warm temperature throughout the session by absorbing the heat and then gradually releasing it. One of the most efficient ways to improve the performance of the sauna rocks is to splash cold water on them. For this purpose, ladles are used. Fill the ladle only half as pouring a lot of water can cool down the rocks and diminish the heat inside the room

Sauna Buckets and ladles are available in all colors and materials. You can choose traditional buckets and ladles made up of sturdy wood such as cedar, bamboo, teak, etc. The other option is to go for heat-resistant plastic buckets and ladles which will last longer as wood tends to easily break. It all depends on your personal taste. Many people even prefer to use a combination of both modern and traditional with traditional, wooden buckets and modern, plastic ladles.

Nevertheless, whichever material and design you choose, make sure that they are durable and are designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity.


2. Sauna Scents and Oils

The introduction of aromatherapy in sauna multiplies the benefits of saunas. Numerous scientific research has proved aromas and scents to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing for the mind. They not only relieve stress but also improve your sleep and cure depression. Sauna scents and oils, however, are different from essential oils as they do not produce any carcinogenic gas when vaporized. These are specially made for saunas and can be used without any harm.


While sauna oils can be poured directly into a ladle and mixed with water before being splashed on water, sauna scents cannot. These scents are less concentrated than oils and therefore, they need to first be poured into the bucket to be diluted in water and then splashed into the rocks through the ladle. Nonetheless, remember not to put them directly on the sauna rocks as it can be harmful if you are using an electric heater and will not produce steam of high quality. Another way to use these is through a dispenser or diffuser. Add these to the diffuser and the oils and scents will be sprayed in the room to create a pleasant feeling.


Sauna oils and scents of various types and fragrances are available in the market with every single one having its own benefits. Each is made from natural plant extracts and comes from Finland, The most popular and commonly used is Eucalyptus oil which is best known for its relaxing smell. Thus, sauna scents and oils are a welcome addition to a more blissful experience.


3. Sauna Towel

One of the most essential accessories for sauna users is the sauna towel. Sauna towels are large cotton towels that can be efficiently wrapped around the entire body. They are comfortable to wear and not too heavy or thick as heavy towels can cause you to feel suffocated.

The primary use of sauna towels is to maintain a hygienic environment inside the sauna by absorbing the sweat and preventing it from being left on the benches. For this reason, sauna towels are exceptionally absorbent. The best sauna towels for sauna use are the ones specially designed for this purpose by sauna companies. These not only possess the insulation and absorption qualities required but are also highly durable and last long without accumulating any bad odor.


4. Sauna Seat

Sauna seats or cushions are essential accessories that add to the comfort level of your sauna session. The benches are made up of hardwood which gets extremely hot during the session. Therefore, these seats not only protect your skin against the hot benches but also provide extra comfort and allow you to sit on the hard, wooden benches for a long period of time.


Seats and cushions designed for the sauna are made up of durable polyester and are filled with moisture-resistant foam which provides a soft and luxurious feeling. High-quality sauna seats are also hypoallergenic. This means that they are unlikely to cause any allergic reaction and harm your skin. However, these seats come with washable covers and it is advised to wash them regularly to maintain hygiene.


5. Sauna Backrest

Similar to a sauna seat, the primary aim of the sauna backrest is also to provide you with a comfortable surface to relax on. The sauna benches are not the most ergonomically correct. As a result, many find it hard to sit on them for long periods of time without being able to lean back.

Thus, to prevent physical discomfort and restlessness, sauna backrests are the perfect accessory to add to your sauna routine. They are designed to fit the natural arch of your back and allow you to lean back and enjoy the pleasures of the sauna without any discomfort. The backrests are available in various sizes and styles. Therefore, you will have no trouble finding the one that is perfect for your body shape and will provide you with the most comfortable seating position.


6. Sauna Whisks

One of the most notable health benefits of saunas is that they improve blood circulation which relaxes your muscle and increases oxygen flow in your blood. To amplify these effects, sauna whisks are recommended.

Sauna whisks are a classic sauna accessory that the Finnish have been using for centuries. This extremely useful sauna accessory is made up of birch due to its uncountable healing properties. Birch leaves also have natural anticancer agents including saponins and tannins. Rubbing your skin not only improves the circulation of your blood but also opens your skin pores and removes dead skin cells. Moreover, dipping the whisks in water and then using them on your body also provides a refreshing feeling. Thus, for its numerous health benefits, sauna whisks are a must-have sauna accessory.


7. Sauna Scrubbers/Brushes

While sauna whisks are old and traditional, sauna scrubbers and brushes are their modern counterpart and are very popular among present sauna users. Just like a whisk, the bristles of the sauna brush are really good for your skin. They enhance your complexion and remove the dead skin cells, making the skin feel more luxurious and soft.

In addition to this, sauna scrubbers and brushes are particularly good for your lymphatic system which is an integral part of your immune system. Scrubbing your body during the sauna, especially near the heart, helps to effectively circulate blood as well as the white blood cells through your body. Therefore, scrubbers and brushes greatly assist the sauna in helping improve your immune system as well as your circulatory system.


8. Sauna Hat

Another important part of the Finnish sauna experience is the sauna hat. While many of us might find it unnecessary or even strange, what we do not know is that hat does a lot more than just cover our hair while we relax in our sauna. The hat forms a protective layering over the part that needs the most protection – the head. The head is the body part most exposed to the heat rays and the high temperatures can even be damaging for your brain. Therefore, a sauna hat is essential to protect your head and your brain against the heat.

In addition to this, high temperatures can also cause hair loss. Thus, hats are also effective in preventing that. For hairdressers and hair experts, sauna hats are the most essential sauna accessory for a regular user.

These hats are usually made up of linen, cotton, or felt due to their resistance to heat and their insulation properties. The proper Finnish way to use these hats is to first dip them in water and then wear them in the sauna. The evaporation of water from the hat during the session keeps your head cool and helps you have experienced a blissful and refreshing sauna.


9. Thermometers, Hygrometers and Timers

Thermometers, hygrometers, and timers are essential safety accessories for the sauna. A thermometer records the temperature of the room and ensures that it does not get too high that it can be damaging to the health. Similarly, hygrometers measure the humidity of the room and indicate if the room gets too humid. Consequently, hygrometers also allow you to adjust the humidity level according to your personal choice. Timers, on the other hand, are used to time the session as wristwatches can be dangerous inside a sauna Sessions longer than 30 minutes can be detrimental and result in dehydration. Therefore, timers are an important accessory to ensure that your time sauna experience is safe and healthy.



Saunas are the ultimate spaces of relaxation and unwinding. However, in addition to their benefits for mental health, they also have innumerable health benefits. With the use of sauna accessories mentioned above, these benefits are amplified. The list above consists of a variety of different accessories which not only make your experience more comfortable but also protect you from extreme heat and enhance your skin and blood circulation. All the positive impacts of sauna on physical and mental wellbeing are enhanced. Therefore, in order to make your sauna experience more rewarding and blissful, remember to add additional accessories to your everyday sauna routine.