Sauna Sizes and Dimensions – For All Types of Saunas

Are you planning to have a home sauna? If you’re looking for the most appropriate sauna sizes and want to choose the most suitable sauna dimensions that cater to your needs, you’re at the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss different sauna sizes and their dimensions that can help you decide which one you need to make the most relaxing experience for you. 

There are several types of saunas with their ideal sizes and dimensions. But today, we’ll talk about standard sauna dimensions that are the most common choices when having a sauna in your own space. Also, we will discuss which sauna size is ideal for you, depending on its size.

Most Common Sauna Sizes

Common sauna sizes include 1-person sauna, 2-person sauna, 3-person sauna, 4-person sauna, 5-person sauna, 6-person sauna, 7-person sauna, and 8-person sauna. 

Let’s begin with 1-person sauna dimensions and discuss who should go for this.



If you love enjoying time in Suana alone, you can go for a one-person sauna. Of course, you cannot enjoy the luxury of enjoying a sauna alone in a commercial setup; having a 1-person sauna at home is a great option without breaking the bank. 

There are different sauna sizes available in the market; the dimensions of a 1-person sauna are commonly 36” X 48”. As it’s only for one person’s use, it includes a single long sauna bench where you can sit or even lay down.

These dimensions are long enough to accommodate a person comfortably in a fully lying down position. However, if these dimensions seem smaller, you can choose to go for a 2-person sauna and still can enjoy it alone.



As the name suggests, a 2-person sauna is perfect for a couple. It’s smart and can easily fit into a small space in your house while providing the ultimate sauna experience. And not just that, it’s great for enjoying with your partner in privacy. 

When it comes to the dimensions of a 2-person sauna, it’s commonly 48” X 48”. Two people can easily fit into a sauna with these dimensions to enjoy a comfortable experience. Having such an intimate experience in a sauna is not easy get in a commercial sauna where there are many people around you.  

Now let’s check out the next sauna size in the list and see what dimensions you would require if you want to go for a sauna bigger than this one.



For a small group of friends or a family, a 3-person sauna is a good fit. You feel more comfortable with fewer people inside the sauna, and more importantly, you can avoid having that typical commercial sauna feeling where a lot of people are sitting inside and sharing the sauna simultaneously. 

Another great thing about this sauna is that it can easily be fitted into your home as it doesn’t take up much space. Commonly, a 3-person sauna’s dimensions are 48” X 72”. The length of this sauna is the same as a 2-person sauna, but it’s wider than that. 

The best part of this sauna is that three people can easily sit in a straight line while sharing a comfortably wide space and can enjoy the sauna together. A 3-person sauna is considered one of the best sauna sizes when it comes to installing it in your house.



A 4-person sauna is considered a big sauna because its dimensions are 60” X 84”, and it’s relatively bigger than the other sauna sizes we discussed above. The 1-person, 2-person, and 3-person saunas are commonly built with one row facing the sauna door. Alternatively, a 4-person sauna’s design is different from these and includes a bench on another side to accommodate additional members. 

There can be different options when it comes to the dimensions of a 4-person sauna. 

●     The first option is 60” X 84”, where three people can sit on one side like a 3-person sauna while the 4th person can sit on the other.

●     The second option is 72” X 72”, where two people can sit on one side while the other can sit on the other.

Whatever the dimensions or design you choose for a 4-person sauna, one thing that is important to consider here is that it takes much more space than the small saunas that we discussed above. And considering that, we can say that this size is suitable for bigger houses.



Now moving on to the 5-person sauna, its dimensions are 72” X 84”. There are no two ways to say that this is a big-sized sauna and gives a luxurious vibe when placed in a house. Even though it’s quite big, it doesn’t resemble the commercial saunas and maintains private and homely vibes. 

A 5-person sauna is great for having a great time with family or a group of friends where you can relax and enjoy conversations. If you look at the dimensions, it’s obvious that it can only be fitted into a big house or you may have to compromise another room if you eagerly want it in your small house. 

But one thing is sure, having a big sauna adds great value to your house and will be the most desirable space in your house. Now let’s see your choice if you want a sauna bigger than these dimensions.



If you want a bigger and more comfortable space in a sauna, you can choose to have the one with bigger dimensions. The popular dimensions for a 6-person sauna are 72” X 96”

A 6-person sauna does not necessarily have to be for six people. It’s also ideal for those who prefer to have a bigger sauna so they don’t just sit around but also can easily lay down and enjoy a more comfortable time in a sauna. Also, if you have a bigger family with kids, you should choose big sized sauna like this one. 

The next two sauna sizes are great to accommodate even more people, and they look like commercial saunas.



A 7-person sauna has dimensions: 96” X 96”, which is relatively bigger than the ones we discussed above.

In a big sauna like this one, you have a choice to add more aesthetics to it because of its bigger size. You may choose from a wide range of woods that enhance the beauty of your sauna and can add other decoratives that are sure to transform your sauna into the most attractive one.

So when you have a big sauna like this one that is decorated well and has all the tools to make it the most relaxing sauna ever, you won’t probably even think about going to the commercial sauna.



In the entire list of different-sized saunas, this is the biggest sauna we have, with dimensions of 96” X 144”. This big-sized sauna can easily accommodate up to 8 people. This is the perfect-sized sauna for a very big family or if you have a large group of friends.

An 8-person sauna can be big enough to resemble a commercial sauna, but you can enjoy the privacy when you have it in your own house. 

The interesting thing is that when you have a big space for a sauna, there can be several options to design it. But the most common design is the one with seats or benches on three sides. Such a design provides ample space for every person to comfortably enjoy the sauna without being too close. 

Another benefit of having a big sauna is that you can take as much space in the sauna as you want, which is certainly not a choice in commercial saunas because you have other people around too. If you have this giant sauna in your house, this is definitely the most tempting place for all your friends and family members. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best place to put a sauna in the house?

It mainly depends on your choice depending on the design of the house and available space. However, the most suitable choices could be bathrooms, basement, garage, upstairs, unused rooms, or corners.


Who can use a sauna at home?

People who are healthy and not suffering from the serious disease can safely use a sauna at home. Make sure you take the basic precautions and follow the proper guidelines. Consult a physician if you have health risks before using a sauna.


Why choosing the right sauna size is important?

Choosing the right sauna size for your need will dictate all the aspects linked to it, i.e. how many people can use it, the capacity and power of the heater, the location you can install it, etc. All these factors also affect the overall cost of building a sauna.


Wrapping Up: Sauna Sizes & Dimensions

No matter what dimension you choose for your sauna at home, one thing is sure you will never go to a commercial sauna again. Having a sauna at home is not only convenient but also cost-effective. But most importantly, it helps you enjoy a private sauna session without worrying about strangers coming in.