How to Size a Sauna Heater?

If you want a sauna heater, you should consider knowing the correct size for your room. Keep in mind a few things: the room square footage, the type of sauna and how much you would use it. However, if you have a huge bathroom or living room where you can keep a larger heater, then go for it. The most famous sauna is a far infrared portable sauna. This one typically uses less heat than all other saunas. So let’s read further to know about the right size of the sauna heater.


Difference between wood and electric sauna heater

A wood-burning stove is used in rural regions, whereas an electric or gas heater is used in urban areas. Smaller rooms benefit more from wood-burning stoves, which can provide a traditional sauna with a more genuine feel. The drawback of a heated sauna is that, although practical, heating it takes longer.

An electric heater’s thermostat continuously checks the temperature and adjusts as needed to maintain a constant temperature during your sauna session.

Since the size of the furnace and the amount of wood used will impact how warm the stove becomes, it is essential to monitor wood-burning stoves to maintain the optimum temperature constantly.

Modern saunas include the option to add steam, converting them from dry to wet or “steam” states. Use a wood heater if you want a classic sauna. If you want a more convenient, low-maintenance Wi-Fi alternative, use an electric heater.


How to find the perfect sauna heater?

Find the ideal heater for your needs if you intend to purchase one. Here are some ideas and plans for doing precisely that:

Think About Your Budget

It would help if you first thought about your finances. Different heaters can cost anything fromĀ $100. Choose the most OK sauna heater if cost is not an issue. If money is short, however, several less expensive choices nevertheless deliver excellent performance.

Consider the heater’s size and design.

Size and design are two more crucial considerations. Find a heater that will fit your requirements and make your home comfortable because they come in various sizes and forms.

How to size a sauna heater & choose a perfect stove?

It would help to consider a few things when choosing a stove for your sauna. You must first choose the fuel source you wish to utilize. The conventional choice is a wood-burning stove, although these require more upkeep than gas or electric ones. After selecting a fuel source, you must select the correct size stove for your sauna. Before making a purchase, measure the area to ensure that the stove won’t be too big or too tiny.

The stove size is determined by how much electricity you can use. Ten kW of power is needed if the sauna is less than ten m3. If you exceed ten m3, the electric heater’s control will rise following stove capacity.


How to install the stove?

There are a few considerations for putting a stove in your sauna. First, decide where you have to place the stove concerning combustible things. And for installation, always choose a licensed, experienced electrician.

Second, ensure the stove is adequately vented to allow fumes to leave.

The wall behind the stove has to be protected from heat damage by installing a heat shield, which is the third step. The stove must then be connected to an electrical socket. After these stages, they are finished. Knowing that your stove was placed securely will allow you to relax in your sauna.

Electric heatersĀ 

There are many different kinds of electric heaters on the market, each with unique characteristics and advantages. The size of the sauna, the desired heating capacity, and the kind of heating element are all critical factors to consider when selecting an electric heater for your sauna. While some electric warmers are intended explicitly for saunas, others may be used for various purposes. Electric sauna heaters are best for big saunas since they often have a larger heating capacity than all-purpose heaters.

Types of electric heaters

You may utilize a variety of electric heater kinds in your sauna. The most common is an infrared sauna heater, which warms your body using infrared radiation. Traditional saunas are less recommended than infrared saunas, which are also considerably simpler to set up. The ceramic sauna is another electric heater that produces heat using ceramic plates. Saunas made of ceramic are highly effective and quickly attain high temperatures.



Following the advice in this article will help you choose the ideal size heater for your requirements, which is essential if you want to make the most of your sauna experience. You may take advantage of all the advantages of a stress-relieving sauna session with the proper size sauna heater.