How to clean an Infrared Sauna? A Complete Guide

Having your own, personal infrared saunas installed in your home is one of the best luxuries one can afford. They are the ultimate spaces to unwind yourself and treat your body with the utmost comfort and relaxation. However, in order to ensure the durability of your sauna and enjoy its benefits for a maximum number of years, it is important to keep the sauna clean and hygienic at all times.

The question that arises here is how to clean an infrared sauna efficiently? As infrared saunas are different from traditional saunas and use infrared rays instead of wet steam, their interior does not get. This decreases the risk of mold and bacteria growing on sauna benches, floors, and walls. In addition to this, many infrared heaters produce negative ions that themselves purify the air inside the sauna. Therefore, it is very easy to clean them.

For a basic cleaning after every use, it is recommended to wipe the benches and floor using a damp cloth. This is to ensure that no sweat stain or smell remains inside the sauna. You can also use a brush or scrub but remember that simple scrubbing, lasting no more than one minute, is enough.

After roughly two weeks of regular sauna use, it is recommended that you perform a deep cleaning of the sauna. For deep cleaning, you can either use sauna cleaning solutions available in the market or make your own from essential oils or by diluting vinegar in water. 10% hydrogen peroxide or baking soda instead of vinegar can also be very effective. Scrub the solution gently on walls, benches, and the floor.

How to clean an Infrared Sauna?

How to clean Sauna Benches?

Sauna Benches are the areas that are most exposed to sweat and body fluids. Thus, they require you to clean them with utmost care and attention. After scrubbing them with a brush or a damp cloth, rinse them with clean water and then wipe them with a dry cloth. In order to prevent sweat stains from forming on the benches, use sauna cushions or towels. Remember to wash these towels and cushions regularly to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dead skin cells. However, if sweat stains do form, use sandpaper to lightly ‘sand’ the area and give it a fresh new look.

How to clean Sauna Floors?

The surface that requires the most cleaning after the saunas benches are the sauna floors. The most efficient way to clean the floors is by using a vacuum cleaner. This will get rid of all the dirt as well as any hairs that might fall during the sauna session, compromising the hygiene of the area. It is suggested that you at least use the vacuum cleaner once a month if you use your sauna regularly.

For regular cleaning, use a mop with the vinegar or baking soda solution as mentioned above. Using sauna cleaning solutions from the market is also adequate. In addition to this use floor mats outside the sauna and make sure that you and all the visitors of the sauna wipe their feet with the mat before entering the sauna. Remember to also wash the floor mats regularly.

How to clean Sauna Walls?

The surface that requires the least amount of cleaning is the sauna walls. Cleaning them once a month is adequate. For the interior walls use sauna cleaning solutions from the mark or make your own as suggested above. Lightly scrub the walls with a sponge dipped in the cleaning solution. However, for exterior walls, polish the wood to make sure that the sauna looks pristine and elegant at all times. However, remember not to use any kind of paint or detergent. This can greatly harm the natural and healthy environment of the infrared sauna.

How to clean Sauna Heater?

Cleaning an infrared sauna heater might sound complicated and something that needs to be done with extreme technicality, but in reality, it is one of the easiest jobs. You only need to take a damp cloth or a sponge and simply wipe the heater to remove any kind of dirt, dust, or bacteria that is accumulating on the heater. However, make sure that the heater has cooled down and is not hot to prevent any burns while cleaning it.


Maintenance Tips for Infrared Sauna


Clean Yourself First

The first step in maintaining a clean infrared sauna is to make sure that you are clean when you enter the sauna. The easiest way through which dirt and germs can enter the infrared sauna is through your own body. Therefore, remember to take a quick shower before entering the sauna so that all the bacteria, debris, and unwanted dirt are washed off and the chances of the sauna getting contaminated are reduced.

Use a Towel

Bring a towel inside your sauna and wrap it loosely around your body before starting your session. This will create a barrier between your body and the sauna benches and will thus, reduce the chances of sweat stains forming on the benches. The towel will absorb the maximum amount of sweat and ensure a clean and hygienic environment inside the sauna.

In addition to this, moisture is also a primary cause of bad odors and mold forming inside the sauna. Therefore, bring a towel to wipe off all the excess sweat from your body. For this purpose, you can even leave the door open for some time after your session has ended so that the excess moisture leaves the room.

Do not use Chemical Products

One of the primary rules for maintaining an infrared sauna is to not use any chemical products inside the sauna such as paint for the walls. The heat from the infrared rays can cause these painted walls to get too hot and release fumes in the air that can be highly toxic to health. These chemical products also include chemical air fresheners. Nevertheless, you can use air fresheners with natural ingredients like lemon, lavender, and mint to make sure your sauna smells fresh at all times.

Do not overdo

Another important thing to remember while cleaning the infrared sauna is that do not overdo it. Do not spend large amounts of money cleaning it as this is not required. Regular cleaning and good maintenance will ensure that the sauna remains good to use for a long period.

Do not bring Food/Drinks

Lastly, avoid bringing any kind of food items inside the sauna. Yes, we know it sounds amazing to eat and drink while relaxing in a sauna. However, this can compromise the hygiene of the sauna. The smell of food can build up inside and the food items can even leave stains on the sauna floor or benches which can later be very difficult to remove. Thus, it is recommended that you refrain from eating inside.



Cleaning an infrared sauna is a very simple job. You only require a basic cleaning after every use with a damp cloth or a sponge. An in detail cleaning with a sauna cleaning solution is only required once a week or a month, depending on how frequently you use the infrared sauna. Make sure to clean the walls, floors and the heater along with the sauna benches as the cleanliness of each surface is of utmost importance.

Moreover, the key to maintaining a clean and hygienic sauna is regular care and ensuring no extra dirt or moisture enters the sauna and all-natural products are used.