How to Clean a Sauna Suit? Step by Step Guide to Wash and Dry a Sauna Suit

Known for their weight loss properties, sauna suits are popular wear among many sauna users around the globe. They are waterproof bodysuits designed to make you sweat profusely. This is because the more you sweat, the more body mass you lose.

However, their waterproof nature, and the bad odor resulting from the excessive amount of sweat excreted, makes it hard to properly clean the suits. There is also a risk of the bad odor being transferred to your normal clothes after you have changed out of the sauna suits. This can compromise your hygiene. Therefore, in this article, we will be discovering how to clean a Sauna Suit properly and keep it hygienic.

How To Clean a Sauna Suit?

There are two methods through which a sauna suit can be effectively cleaned:

  1. Hand Washing
  2. Machine Washing

Let us discuss the two methods step by step.


1. Hand Washing the Sauna Suit

The first and foremost step is to the read the product label of your sauna suit. This is the most critical part of the cleaning process as on this label you will find all the information required to safely clean the suit. It is the care label that will inform you whether the material of the sauna suit is hand washable or machine washable. Moreover, the types of detergents that suit best will also be listed. Most labels also give the optimum water temperature at which you should wash the suit.

However, if there is no specific information mentioned on the label, hand wash the suit in lukewarm water using very gentle detergents or dishwashing soap.

Secondly, rinse the suit with water. This step can be followed after every use to prevent the bad odor from accumulating in the suit. You do not need to wash it with a detergent or scrub it after every use – just spray some water on the suit. The most effective way of doing this after every session is to enter the shower wearing a suit. Make sure you do not shower with extremely hot water as it can damage the layer of suits made up of rubber or PVC materials.

After rinsing in water, wash it by hand using mild laundry detergents. For this step, set up two separate tubs of water and add the soap or detergent into one of them. First, put the suit in the tub with the detergent for 15-20 minutes and rub it gently with your hands to remove the dirt or any bacteria accumulated as a result of dried sweat. Next, move the suit into the other tub and rinse it repeatedly so that the detergent is washed out. Remember to squeeze the water out before moving to the next step.

The last step is to hang the suit for drying. Before hanging it check the product label to see if it is safe to dry the suit in sunlight. If the material of the suit is sensitive to the sun, make sure to find a place in the shade, away from sunlight. Even if the product label allows sunlight, it is advised not to hang directly under the sun as direct heat is detrimental for rubber/nylon products.

Nevertheless, wherever you hang the suit, make sure the place is ventilated. In addition to this, it is recommended to dry the suit overnight to ensure no moisture is left which can later build up bacteria in the suit.


2. Machine Washing the Sauna Suit

Before using this method for cleaning the suit, it is essential that you read the product label to confirm if the material of the suit supports machine washing. Most of them are not machine washable and if you put them in a washing machine they will get destroyed.

After you are sure you can use a washing machine for your suit, set the machine with the correct water temperature as mentioned on the label. Also, consult the label for the speed of the washing machine. Do not keep the speed very fast and do not turn on the spin cycle. This can be quite damaging to the seams of the suits especially if they are nylon ones.

Following this step, do not dry the suit in the machine dryer/spinner. Always hang dry the suit with a hanger in a dry, ventilated place, not directly under the sun as mentioned above.


How do you wash neoprene sauna suit?

Neoprene suits are generally easy to wash/clean compared to rubber and nylon suits as they are stronger and do not tear or rip off easily when you rub or scrub them while washing. However, the recommended way to wash them is by hand in lukewarm water. A pro tip for efficiently cleaning them is to wash them inside out. This is because most sweat builds up on the inside of the suit.


How often should you wash your sauna suit?

A question that is most often asked is how frequently should you wash your suit? To maintain cleanliness and sanitation, the recommended time between each wash is one week. However, rinsing the sauna with water after every workout session is also a very good option. This immediately washes away the sweat, debris, and dirt generated after every use and it prevents foul odor and bacteria from gathering. Therefore, regular post-workout care can prove to be more beneficial than weekly washing for ensuring sanitation.


How to properly store sauna suits?

The most important step in making sure that your suit remains fresh and hygienic is to store it properly. If your suit is made up of nylon or rubberized materials, then you should hang it in such a way that there is no extra pressure on the seams at the joints and they do not get damaged. As for neoprene suits, you are required to store them in constant temperatures, or else they will lose their flexibility and stretchable nature.

Another point to bear in mind is that do not store the sauna suits unless they are completely dried after washing. If any dampness remains at the time of storage, a foul, musty smell develops inside the suit.



In conclusion, cleaning a sauna is not a very complex process. You are just required to keep certain points in mind. The most important point is to thoroughly read the product/care label of your suit and do not miss out on any detail. If your suit does not support machine washing, wash it regularly by hand. As for machine washing, set the machine settings based on the care label’s instructions. Remember to dry the suits overnight before storing them and wash them regularly to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene.