Do Sauna Vests Work | Benefits & Risks of Using Sauna Vests

If you’re someone who frequently likes to relax in a sauna, you must have heard about sauna vests. Sauna vests, just like sauna suits are special clothing made for sauna use. These are made from waterproof material to keep the sweat from evaporating off your body.

Whether you need a sauna vest or not, it all comes down to personal preference and how you wish to spend time in a sauna.

However, the question is do sauna vests work? Well to find out keep reading the article, as we will be sharing the main use along with the benefits and risks associated with using sauna vests.

Do Sauna Vests Work?

Weight Loss

Looking to shed some weight the easy way? Well according to many using a sauna vest is the easiest way to do so.

Sauna vests are most commonly known for weight loss. People out there suggest that wearing a sauna vest in a sauna can help you lose weight. You may be thinking, is it really possible? Is losing weight that simple?

Can simple clothing gear help you shed some extra weight off your body? Well to summarize it for you, a sauna vest does help with weight loss but it’s the least effective way, with no long-term results. To better understand this, you need to go deep into the science behind the sauna vest and figure out how sauna vests actually work.

As a sauna vest is made up of waterproof material, it makes you sweat more. This is because the material of the vest keeps the body heat inside, and causes more perspiration. Since the sweat can’t evaporate off your body, you end up sweating more. When you sweat more your body obviously loses its fluids hence decreasing the weight.

On the other hand, if you prefer to work out in a sauna; sweating more with a waterproof vest on will heat up the body much quicker. The high heat conditions of your body will force it to exert more pressure and exercise more. This helps in losing more calories.

Much research has been done on the effectiveness of the weight loss caused by a sauna vest. Results show that it does work, however, the difference is insignificant. Moreover, this weight loss is temporary as you are not getting a flat stomach you are just losing body fluids which you can easily gain back by consuming water or any other food or drink.

That given we can say it does help reduce the weight but it’s not a solid option. If you’re really looking to lose some weight exercise and clean eating are your safest bet.


Other Health Benefits

Besides helping with weight loss, sauna vests are also known to provide other health benefits as well. The most common one is detoxification. We’ve understood how sauna vests help us sweat more. It’s the material of the vests that cause our bodies to sweat more. Sweating allows the body to wash away toxins. So when we sweat more, our body is washing away all harmful toxins hence extensive detoxification of the body takes place, leaving you feeling more refreshed.

Detoxification in turn helps improve your immunity. When you get rid of the harmful toxins and excess hormones, your organs can function better or more effectively hence promoting a healthier immune system.

An extensive workout session always ends up in sore muscles and joints. Using a sauna vest, while working out can help reduce the tension in your muscles and provide relief from the soreness. It does do by providing your body with more oxygen, so the muscles can heal much quicker and you can avoid the long-lasting pain.

Working out while wearing a sauna vest will also help improve circulation. While wearing a sauna vest, your body will be in a frenzy with blood rushing causing your blood vessels to dilate. This all leads to improved blood circulation, which facilitates quicker healing and pain relief from sore muscles and joints


Risks of Using Sauna Vests

While a sauna vest might work for weight loss and provide you health benefits, it comes at a risk of further health conditions.

Sauna vests cause your body to overheat by sweating more. Excessive sweating due to the high-temperature conditions of your body, causes you to lose fluids. As you keep on sweating, you keep on losing fluids and it may reach a point where your body becomes dehydrated after losing too much body fluid. This dehydration can further lead to hyperthermia or may cause you to faint.

When you step out in between sauna sessions you allow your body to cool down. However, when you’re wearing a sauna vest your body doesn’t cool down and you keep on sweating. Excessive workout inside hot temperatures such as a sauna that too with a sauna vest on can lead to a heart stroke or even death.

As your body is working hard under tough conditions there’s also a risk of affecting your cardiovascular functions. So it is best to avoid sauna vests if you have any sort of heart condition.

When going into a sauna, you like to have the most insignificant piece of clothing so you can relax and the steam can caress your body. However, with wearing a sauna vest there’s always a risk of an allergic reaction due to excessive heat production. Sauna vests mostly feel uncomfortable and ruin the whole purpose of a sauna; which is to relax in comfort.

Different materials used for sauna vests may cause different reactions in different people. So it’s always best to test out to avoid the risk of an allergic reaction. Moreover, if you are suffering from eczema, it is best to avoid a sauna vest as it can worsen the condition too far worse.

Lastly, another risk associated with the use of sauna vests is electrolyte imbalance. Our sweat contains electrolytes such as sodium. These electrolytes are basically charged ions in our body and are important for the proper functioning of the organs. Excessive body temperature causes excessive sweating.

As we sweat we lose these electrolytes and by sweating excessively we harm the electrolyte balance and put our body at risk of fatal health conditions. To minimize the risk of electrical activity and electrolyte imbalance it is best to keep yourself dehydrated and consume electrolytes. These electrolytes can be found in most energy drinks.



If you’re looking to get a sauna vest just in the hopes of losing some weight, then let me tell you that it’s not worth it. While it does help reduce weight by loss of body fluids, the loss is temporary and not sustainable in the long run. So it’s not worth it because sauna vests do more harm than good, if not used with precautions. There’s a possible risk of fatal health conditions with the use of sauna vests.

Therefore you should use sauna vests with precaution, keeping the health and safety of your body in mind. If you experience any risks associated with sauna vests, it’s best to visit a doctor and keep yourself well hydrated to reduce the risk.

All in all, if you’re looking to lose weight, sauna vests may be able to help you but they aren’t a sustainable option. Workout and a diet plan is your best option.