8 Best Outdoor Saunas in 2022 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide and Honest Reviews

Saunas are becoming a widely popular choice when it comes to relaxation. They not only allow you to relax and detoxify your body but also provide many health benefits. Sounds appealing, right? So why visit a spa every time you want to relax, when you can have a sauna in your home? Nothing beats the luxury of having your own sauna – you can chill in there anytime you like.  We recommend getting an outdoor sauna, as it can be a perfect addition to your home.

Outdoor saunas are the perfect choice if you don’t have much space inside the house to fit a sauna. You can easily put outdoor saunas in your backyard, lawn, patio, or garage. Outdoor saunas allow you to enjoy the benefits of a sauna along with nature.

With so many options out there in the market, it can get really confusing, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have reviewed the 8 best outdoor saunas you need to get for your homes in 2022. We have provided you with a complete guide; to help you understand which one is best suited for your needs, so you can make the right choice. Before diving into the details, let’s start with a brief look at our top 8 picks.

Best Outdoor Saunas

1. ALEKO  Outdoor Rustic Cedar Barrel Steam Sauna with Bitumen Shingle Roofing


  • Made with Rustic Cedar Wood

  • Perfect for Families. Can Fit 8 People

  • Bitumen Shingle Roofing

  • Tempered Glass Door

  • Comes Partially Pre-Assembled


  • Very Easy to Assemble -Comes Partially Assembled

  • Great for 2-8 People


  • Requires Professional Assembly - Electrician

2. Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Sauna


  • Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Heating Panels

  • Well lit Interior with Glass Door

  • Supports Music and Comes with a Digital Control Panel


  • Rapid Infrared Heating

  • Ionizer

  • 7-Year Warranty


  • Poor Exterior Lighting

  • Low Quality Screws and Cup Holders

3. Allwood Barrel Outdoor Sauna #220-WHC


  • Traditional Wood Fired, Barrel Shape Sauna

  • Can Easily Fit up to 4 Persons

  • Offers Protection with Built Canopy and Roof Shingles


  • Spacious

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Two Vents

  • LCD Control Panel and Timer


  • Adult Assembly Required

4. 6′ Foot Canadian Outdoor Pine Wood Barrel Sauna


  • Traditional Barrel Sauna Simple Design

  • Provides Comfortable and Spacious Seating

  • Comes with a 9kW Electric Heater and Lava Rocks


  • Spacious and Comfortable

  • LED Lighting

  • Easy to Assemble


  • 1-Year Warranty

  • Pine Wood is Not Suitable for Outdoor

5. SDI Factory Direct Ceramic FIR Far Infrared 4 Four Person Outdoor Sauna


  • Well Designed Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Heating Panels

  • Unique Cabin Design with Shingle Roof, Glass Door and Windows

  • Well lit and has Ionizer to Purify Air


  • Rapid Infrared Heating

  • Ionizer to Purify Air

  • Well Lit

  • Shingles Roof

  • Extra Value Added Features


  • Requires Assembly

6. Xmatch Far Infrared Wooden Outdoor Sauna


  • Most Budget Friendly Infrared Sauna

  • Very Efficient Heating

  • Best Pick For Couples

  • Suitable for Both Indoor & Outdoor Use


  • High Quality Bluetooth Speakers

  • Easy Assembly

  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Poor Floor Insulation

  • Lack of Detail in Instruction Manual

7. Allwood Barrel Outdoor Sauna #400 WHP


  • An Economical Barrel Sauna 

  • Made from Nordic Spruce Wood

  • Can Fit 8 People

  • Perfect for Large Families

  • Well Covered Porch and Dressing Room


  • Large Size

  • Covered Porch & Dressing Room

  • Shingled Roof

  • Better Resistance


  • Requires Large Space and Assembly

8. BZBCabins Oval Sauna Kit W2


  • Most Expensive Pick Due to its Large Oval Shape Size.

  • Includes Two Sauna Rooms

  • Two levels of seating

  • Can Fit 6-7 Persons


  • Two Different Levels of Seating

  • Shingles


  • Requires Large Space



1. ALEKO SB4CED Outdoor Rustic Cedar Barrel Steam Sauna


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Traditional with an Electric Heater
  • Material: Rustic Cedar Wood
  • Dimensions: 75.6” x 66” x 74.4”
  • Maximum Capacity: 4


The AKELO SB4CED Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna tops our list with its popular barrel shape and beautiful design.  Compared to other saunas from the brand; it has a unique barrel design, and the beauty of rustic cedar adds to it, making it our top pick.

Rustic Cedarwood is one of the most premium types of wood. With its strong resistance and insulation properties, it’s a top choice for outdoor saunas. The design and look of the sauna are not only appealing to the eye but are also durable and comfortable. It has a tempered glass door, which is strong enough to resist high temperatures.

The glass door allows natural light to enter and also allows you to relax in the sauna while enjoying the outdoor scenery and nature. The Bitumen Shingle roof adds an extra protective layer over the sauna. It is made with detail to protect the sauna from outdoor elements. Moreover, an outside porch area allows you to switch from a hot to cold environment and take breaks in between your sauna sessions.

The sauna has stones and an electric heater for both dry and wet heating. It comes equipped with a 4kW Harvia Heater which heats up the sauna quickly and efficiently. A protective stone shield is included with the heater, which is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The barrel shape allows for an even distribution of the heat. For stone heating – the sauna comes with lava rocks, a traditional wooden sauna water bucket, a wooden water scoop, and a wooden sand timer.

The sauna also includes additional features such as lamps for reading, and a dial control to easily control the temperature and set a timer.

This sauna is pre-built but may require professional assembly.

  • Great Humidity and Heating System

  • Beautiful Design

  • Reliable Customer Service

  • Bitumen Shingles

  • Porch Area

  • Efficient Heating

  • Requires Professional Help for Set Up

  • Not Large Enough For 4 Persons




2. Cayenne 4 Person Outdoor Sauna


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Infrared with 8 Ceramic Heaters
  • Material: Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Dimensions: 72” x 52” x 83”
  • Maximum Capacity: 4


The Cayenne 4- person outdoor sauna is our best overall pick. Made entirely from Canadian Hemlock Wood it features an attractive cabin design that is surely appealing to the eye. Moreover, Canadian Hemlock Wood is one of the strongest and most durable wood out there, making this sauna a perfect choice.

The sauna comes in pre-built and pre-assembled parts that are already insulated. You just need to set it up by putting together the parts. This makes the setup process very simple and easy.

The interior is also made from Canadian hemlock wood and can comfortably seat up to four persons. So you can enjoy the sauna with your friends and family. The spacious interior features sauna seats, with ergonomic backrests and cup holders that help to provide comfort while enjoying the sauna. The sauna has glass windows and a large glass door, which allows you to enjoy the sauna with a beautiful view.

It is an infrared sauna that comes with 8 ceramic heating panels. These heating panels are easily the most attractive feature, as they are very efficient and effective – allowing the sauna to heat up quickly.

The sauna also comes equipped with additional value-added features. It has an LCD control panel to help easily control the temperature of the sauna. Moreover, if you’re someone who enjoys relaxing with music on, this sauna comes with an MP3, FM Radio, and CD player. You can play music and podcasts while you relax.

However, on the downside, some reviews suggest that the cup holders and screws are of low quality and come off easily. This will not pose a serious problem as the sauna has a 7-year warranty so you can easily get them replaced.

  • Attractive Design Made From Resilient Wood

  • Infrared Heating with Ceramic Heating Panels – Faster and More Efficient

  • Ionizer to Purify Air

  • Spacious – Fits 4 Persons

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Relatively Cheap

  • 7-Year Warranty

  • Poor Exterior Lighting

  • Poor Quality Cup Holders and Loose Screws




3. Allwood Barrel Outdoor Sauna #220-WHC


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Traditional Wood Fired Heater
  • Material: Nordic Spruce Wood
  • Dimensions: 87” x 47” x 47”
  • Maximum Capacity: 4


This barrel shape sauna by Allwood is one of the most popular choices due to its relatively small size, and attractive shape. The barrel shape takes 23% less space which means the sauna can heat up much quicker. Moreover, the shape also allows for better circulation of heat and ensures all parts of the sauna are well heated so you can get the ultimate sauna experience.

Made from slow-grown Nordic Spruce, this sauna has a sturdy build. For an outdoor sauna, the resistance of wood is a really important factor. Nordic spruce is the better choice, compared to pine, as it doesn’t bleed resin in high temperatures.

For protection from harsh weather conditions, this sauna model comes with bitumen roof shingles and has a canopy to protect it from direct sunlight or heavy rain. The design of the sauna also features two support cradles to lift the sauna off the ground. The tempered tinted glass door, adds to the overall look as glass doors are perfect for outdoor saunas; they let you enjoy nature while relaxing in a sauna. It also has separate air vents for outflow and intake of air, to keep the air fresh.

This traditional sauna comes equipped with an M3 wood-fired heater and sauna stones. The interior of the sauna has two benches facing each other and can seat up to 4 people. The relatively small size makes this sauna a perfect addition to your patio.

  • Canopy for Shielding

  • Bitumen Roof Shingles

  • Spacious

  • No Interior Lighting

  • Chimney Kit Not Included



4. 6′ Foot Canadian Outdoor Pine Wood Barrel Sauna


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Traditional Wet/Dry with Electric Heater and Lava Rocks
  • Material: Canadian Pine Wood
  • Dimensions: 72” x 72”
  • Maximum Capacity: 5


The Canadian Outdoor Sauna also features a popular barrel design. The 6’ barrel shape allows it to fit 4 persons. Even though, it is not the best sauna out there given its simple design – it is still a worthy budget-friendly option that does the job well.

The 6’ inch size makes it spacious and the benches provide comfortable seating. The sauna can easily fit in your backyard, adding more value to it. The pinewood build gives it an overall sturdy look. Like most other saunas it also has a tempered glass door.

This traditional sauna uses both lava rocks and an electronic heater to heat it up. The 6kW heater is effective and heats up the sauna with ease. Moreover, it is also equipped with an LED lighting system. The LED lighting system is quite beneficial as different colored lights can be used for different purposes. However, the glass door allows natural light to enter so the LED lighting system isn’t really beneficial.

While the sauna does require proper assembly, it is quite easy to set it up. This will help to save time and any extra labor costs. However, it only has one year warranty which is not best suited for outdoor saunas.

  • Fits 4 Persons

  • Comfortable Seating

  • Easy to Assemble

  • LED Lighting System

  • Budget-Friendly

  • 1-Year Warranty

  • Pine Wood is Not Highly Resistant




5. SDI Factory Direct Ceramic FIR Far Infrared 4 Four Person Outdoor Sauna


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Infrared with Ceramic Heating Panels
  • Material: Hemlock Wood
  • Dimensions: 59.1” x 59.1” x 84.6”
  • Maximum Capacity: 4


The SDI Factory Direct Infrared Sauna is easily the most perfectly designed outdoor sauna. The shingled roof design makes it unique compared to other cabin designs in the market. Along with a well-thought roof design, it has a large glass door and glass windows as well. These allow you to experience nature along with enjoying the sauna.

The glass also adds to the overall aesthetic of the design and makes it more aesthetically pleasing as it gives the feeling of being surrounded by nature. These features give an overall beautiful cabin look, which will be no doubt the perfect addition to your backyard, enhancing its value.

The sauna doesn’t only come with a beautiful exterior design but also has an equally stunning interior. As it is an infrared sauna, the interior is equipped with ceramic heating panels. These panels are the fastest when it comes to heating up the sauna.

The interior of the sauna is also spacious enough to fit 4 people. The sauna has good lighting as it comes with 4 LED reading lamps. Moreover, it allows plenty of room for natural light through glass windows. The sauna also has LED chromotherapy, a CD player, an ionizer to clean the air, and a digital control panel that provides ease in controlling the temperature.

Even though the sauna comes as ore-built it still requires some level of assembly to set it up.

  • Perfectly Designed

  • Shingled Roof

  • Infrared Heating with Ceramic Panels – Rapid and Effective

  • Well-lit Interior

  • Ionizer to Purify Air

  • Additional Features –LED Chromo Therapy

  • Requires Assembly for Set-up




6. Xmatch Far Infrared Wooden Outdoor Sauna


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Traditional Wet/Dry with Electric Heater and Lava Rocks
  • Material: Dried Premium Hemlock Wood
  • Dimensions: 58” x 41” x 82”
  • Maximum Capacity: 2


This infrared sauna is the best option for couples, as it can fit up to two persons. It is made with kiln-dried hemlock wood and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. As hemlock wood is more resistant, it makes this sauna model a good choice for outdoor use. You can easily place it anywhere from your backyard to your garage or even your patio.

Equipped with 9 low EMF carbon heating panels, this sauna heats up much quicker compared to the traditional saunas. This is because infrared saunas are the most effective and efficient. The low EMF also ensures safety, as the rating falls in an acceptable range. For better air circulation the sauna has vents with manual controls so you could control the airflow and circulation in the sauna.

The sauna has a nice finish and the design features a thick tempered glass door. The interior, however, is also equally stunning with many value-added features. The sauna has a high-quality sound system that comes equipped with 2 Bluetooth speakers. You can easily connect your phone to these Bluetooth speakers and relax while listening to your favorite music or your favorite podcast.

Moving on to the interior lighting of the sauna, the tempered glass door allows natural light to seep in but besides that, the sauna has 2 reading lamps and 2 Chromotherapy lights for a better relaxing and soothing sauna experience. These lights can be controlled with an LCD control panel. This LCD control panel is easy to use to adjust the temperature and time of the sauna. Another additional feature in this sauna is the hangers for clothing and robes.

The sauna is pre-built, has a modular design, and requires simple assembly. The assembly takes about 15-20 minutes because of its tongue and groove conditions. The cherry on top is the easy maintenance and 24/7 customer service available via Amazon.

  • 5-Year Warranty

  • Easy Assembly

  • High Quality Speakers

  • Efficient Heating

  • Instructions Lack Details

  • Poor Floor Insulation




7. Allwood Barrel Outdoor Sauna #400 EHP


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Traditional with Wood Fired Heater
  • Material: Nordic Spruce Wood
  • Dimensions: 78.7” x 80”
  • Maximum Capacity: 8


The Allwood #400 WH is one of its kind. It is made from Nordic spruce which is an alternative to pine but has better resistance. Pine usually leaks resin at a higher temperature, so Nordic spruce is the perfect choice for this outdoor sauna.

Its barrel shape is best suited for outdoor saunas, as it requires less extra space and the heat can reach all parts of the sauna. This barrel sauna is large enough to fit 8 persons, and the heat is well distributed all around. This makes it the perfect pick for large families or a large group of friends looking to relax together and spend time quality time, unwinding together.

The design of the sauna is of very high quality, as it has large windows at the back making the barrel look more beautiful. Moreover, it also has a roof shingle which protects the sauna from harsh weather conditions and contributes to the overall look. The most attractive design feature, however, is the covered dressing room and porch area.

Many people prefer taking breaks between their sauna sessions, and the porch makes it easier for them to do so. You can step out of the sauna and sit outside on the porch, to enjoy the chilly atmosphere. In case you feel cold you can step out and sit in the indoor dressing room area.

The sauna has the option of a wood-burning heater system or an electric heater. Both heating systems are effective at heating up the sauna. The wood-burning system also comes with a chimney to keep the sauna clean.

This sauna is the perfect choice for you, if you have a large space in your backyard, and are looking for larger saunas for the whole family to enjoy together.

  • Made from Nordic Spruce –Better Resistance

  • Roof Shingle For Protection

  • Covered Dressing Room and Porch Area

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Pleasant Smell of Wood

  • Requires Large Space

  • Ideal for 6 Persons Only




8. BZBCabins.com Oval Sauna Kit W2 Outdoor Sauna


Best Outdoor Sauna




  • Type: Traditional with rocks and Electric Heater
  • Material: Nordic Spruce Wood
  • Dimensions: 192” x 48” 48”
  • Maximum Capacity: 7


The BZB Cabins Oval Sauna is the most expensive sauna on our list and that is due to its large size. This sauna requires a lot of space and is best suited for your backyard. With its oval shape, the sauna has 2 separate sauna rooms and can seat up to 6-7 persons. The oval shape is also the best-suited shape for a sauna, as it is more spacious.

The shape allows for two levels of seating. The different levels of seating help you adjust the temperature to your liking, if you’re looking to sit in high temperatures you can use the high level of seating, and similarly, if you’re looking to sit in lower temperatures, you can use the low level of seating. The seating also provides comforts, as the benches are long enough for you to easily lie down and relax.

However, if you’re hoping to enjoy the sauna with your family and friends the L shape seating in this sauna is perfect as you can all sit together and chill. The sauna comes with a wood or an electric heater option. For a traditional wood heater, it has a wood Havaria M3 and for an electric heater, it has a Finlandia FLB80 heater.

Built from Nordic Spruce, the design of the sauna features a tempered glass door and glass window along with asphalt roof shingles for protection. The benches are made from hardwood, while the changing room benches are made from Nordic Spruce.

The sauna is delivered precut and you can either assemble it yourself or avail the complete assemble service by trained professionals.

  • Two Levels of Seating

  • Two Sauna Rooms

  • Asphalt Roof Shingles

  • Requires Large Space



Buyers Guide for Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Sauna

Choosing the right sauna can be a difficult task, and that too with so many options out there. Therefore, we have designed the ultimate guide for you for choosing the perfect outdoor sauna. Here are some important factors you need to keep in mind when analyzing your options and making the final choice.



Size is the most important factor to consider when buying an outdoor sauna for your home. You need to ensure you have enough space to actually fit the sauna. Whether it is your garage, your patio, or your backyard – measure the space you have, and then look up the measurements for different saunas.

The size of the sauna also depends on how many people plan to use it one time. So if you have a large space and like to relax with your family; look for large-sized saunas. However, when doing so you need to keep in mind that other than the space the sauna will occupy, you also need to keep some extra space in your measurements. This is for moving around, ease of use, and ensuring proper ventilation.



The shape of the sauna contributes to the overall look of the sauna and it really depends on where you’d like to set it up. The barrel shape is the most famous for outdoor saunas as it really complements the backyard vibe. Barrel saunas are a really good option for most outdoor spaces mainly because they can be easily put on the ground and then easily lifted as well.

So there is an ease of setting it up. The barrel shape means the interior space is less, which in turn means the sauna will heat up more quickly.  However, it will need more space in your backyard as the design requires a lot of free space around the sauna.



The design of a sauna really matters as it creates the whole look of the sauna. If you’re someone who wants a sauna that is appealing to the eye, you’ll look for stylish designs. Besides a stylish design, you should always look for saunas that have a well-designed roof that can survive severe weather conditions.

Other details such as placement of benches, seating, and interior design all depend on personal preferences.



Wood is the most common material for outdoor saunas. There are some metal saunas in the market as well, as the metal heats up much quicker. However, all the top choices are wood saunas. Wood really goes with the outdoor natural look. There are different types of wood and to understand which sauna is best suited for you, we’ll be quickly going over the most widely used wood types for outdoor saunas.

  1. Cedar is the best choice for outdoor saunas if the budget is not a problem. It is highly resistant to water and insects. Besides being strong and highly resistant, it also has a pleasant scent. Red cedar has a beautiful outlook which is attractive but is also the most expensive one.
  2. Hemlock is another one of the top options for outdoor saunas due to its strength and durability. Just like cedar, it is also attractive and highly resistant as it doesn’t corrode easily. However, hemlock requires extra care and is also expensive compared to other options.
  3. Pine is the most common and affordable choice as it is easily available. It effectively resists insects but isn’t that effective against water. Even though it is strong, it isn’t widely recommended.
  4. Spruce is an alternative to pine as it is also relatively cheap and easily available. It is resistant to insects and water but is too heavy which is a major disadvantage.

When deciding on a wood type you need to keep your budget and use in mind. The placement, frequency of use, and your personal needs will help you choose the right wood type. Cedar and Hemlock are the most attractive options and are recommended for their strength and durability.


Type of Sauna – Traditional vs. Infrared

When buying an outdoor sauna there are two options; a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna. To choose a type you need to understand the difference between them.

  • A traditional sauna either uses steam, electric heaters, or wood-fired heaters. These heaters heat up the sauna hence increasing your body temperature as well.
  • An infrared sauna, on the other hand, sends out infrared rays which penetrate into your body and increase the body temperature. They are more effective and beneficial as they penetrate deep into the skin and heal the body at a cellular level, which allows effective flushing of toxins from the body.


Additional Features

Saunas provide you with relaxation, but the experience can be made much better with some extra value-added features. If you’re someone who likes to relax with music on you should go for saunas that have a sound system.

There are other features as well such as LED lights, charging ports, adjustable vents, thermostat, timer, chromotherapy, and atomizers.

These features can help make your experience much better and ensure you spend a good time trying to unwind, so always look out for them when choosing the perfect sauna.


Ease of Set-Up

If you’re looking to avoid extensive labor and prefer saunas that are portable and easy to install you should go for pre-built saunas that come with pre-assembled parts that just need to be set up.

However, if extensive labor is not an issue for you, and you prefer permanently fixed saunas – you can also look for precut saunas that need to be built from scratch.



As an outdoor sauna is a long-term investment, a warranty is a really important factor to consider. You should always look for saunas that offer a warranty of at least 5 years.



The price for outdoor saunas varies depending on the design and features. You should always set a budget first, before looking at the options, as it will help you easily shortlist a few.


The Ultimate Care Guide for Outdoor Saunas

There is nothing better than having an outdoor sauna in your home. However, an outdoor sauna is a long-term investment, and to make sure you continue to get value from your investment, you need to take proper care of your sauna. We will be sharing with you the perfect care guide to ensure your sauna is well maintained – clean, protected, and fully functional.


How to Protect Your Outdoor Sauna

Since outdoor saunas are placed out in the open, they are exposed to nature. To ensure your sauna is protected from harsh weather conditions, place it in an area that is well covered. In addition to that, it is recommended to use a wood penetrating oil for weatherproofing and better protection.

Moreover, to protect the exterior and color you should use a wood stain. Most stains contain UV inhibitors that protect your sauna from sunlight and hence protect the color and exterior of your sauna.

To protect the interior of the sauna from any mold growth, it is best to take a shower before entering the sauna. Doing so will ensure your feet are clean from any dirt. In addition, it will also avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on benches and floor of the sauna

Furthermore, to protect the texture and color of the interior wood of your sauna, you should use simple sanding. This will uphold the color and texture of the interior lumber.


How to clean your outdoor sauna

Cleaning a sauna doesn’t require much work but it needs to be done with a lot of care. You should always clean it with a low-pressure wash and make sure it’s properly switched off before starting the cleaning process.


The interior of the sauna should be cleaned by properly sweeping with a soft cloth. This needs to be done regularly to ensure its clean at all times. However, you should only use warm water and chemical-free products. Hard water should be strictly avoided as it can damage the sauna. In case of stubborn stains, that can’t be removed by simple sweeping – sandpaper is an effective method to get rid of them. Lastly, to ensure proper hygiene inside the sauna, always use towels and ensure they are clean.


The exterior of the sauna should be deep cleaned by using a pressure wash in a low-pressure setting.

Heating system

Most saunas have traditional heating systems that don’t require cleaning but need to be well maintained. Modern heating systems on the other hand should be cleaned by simply wiping a cloth over them.

Other maintenance tips

  1. Regularly check the door and vents of the sauna for any loose screws or replacements.
  2. Regularly check the door to make sure it is closed properly. In case it doesn’t close properly, you can sand down the area to make it even.
  3. Regularly check your heating stones for any cracks, and replace them with new ones.
  4. Regularly check the heaters to ensure they are in perfect condition to provide proper heating.



What is the difference between an outdoor sauna and an indoor sauna?

Indoor and outdoor saunas both have the same functionality. However, one major difference is the size. Outdoor saunas are not limited in respect to size and need to be assembled and built; this allows room for customization. You can design your outdoor sauna to your liking. In the case of indoor saunas, as they are free-standing they can be easily installed and moved around, but don’t offer room for customization.

What is the perfect place for an outdoor sauna?

You can place your sauna anywhere, from your patio to your backyard and even your garage. However, there are some things you need to ensure before selecting the perfect spot. Firstly, the area should be well leveled – a firm and flat surface. This will ensure the proper installation of the sauna. Secondly, the area should be spacious enough to allow ease in moving around, as well as, entering and leaving. A spacious area will also ensure proper ventilation. Lastly, you should make sure the space is well protected from the weather, for this you can either install roofing over the top or simply choose a space that is well covered.

How to assemble and install an outdoor sauna?

Most saunas are pre-built and only require assembling. The assembling of pre-built saunas can be easily done by following the guide and tutorial videos that come along with the sauna. This process doesn’t require much effort or time.

However, for saunas that are not pre-built, you need to hire a person for building them and doing the wiring and plumbing for proper installation of the sauna.

What is the ideal temperature for an outdoor sauna?

There is no single ideal temperature for an outdoor sauna. It all comes down to personal preference and limits. Generally, a temperature under 90 C is preferred, but you can always go higher. You just need to know the limit that is safe for you and stay within it.

Is an outdoor sauna safe for everyone?

Outdoor saunas, just like indoor saunas, are mostly safe for everyone. You just need to ensure you are well hydrated before and after your sauna session. Children, however, should use a sauna with precaution – at much lower temperatures. Saunas with thermostats to control temperature are best suited for children as you can keep the temperature low.

However, pregnant women should completely avoid saunas as high body temperature can be harmful to the baby.



Outdoor saunas can be the perfect addition to your backyard. Their stylish design is not only appealing to the eye but they also offer the luxury of relaxing around nature with a beautiful view.

The market has plenty of options for outdoor saunas; there are different designs, sizes, and heating systems. Choosing one, from all available options, comes down to personal preferences and needs. You need to prioritize your needs for a sauna and look for one accordingly. If you’re tight on a budget we’ve rounded a few budget-friendly picks that do the job equally well.

Similarly, if you’re looking for an outdoor sauna to relax with your family; we have a perfect pick for families. If you live in a place with cold weather an infrared sauna will be better suited for you as it heats up your body more efficiently.

Outdoor saunas are very perfect for unwinding after a long and they come with a lot of health benefits as well. We hope this article helped you find the perfect one for you to enjoy the sauna at home.