8 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets – Unbiased Reviews with Complete Buyer’s Guide

A visit to the sauna is the best gift you can give to yourself, but what if we tell you that you can create an in-house sauna with just a blanket? Yes, there are lots of such infrared sauna blankets in the market that give you the premium experience of a sauna.

These infrared sauna blankets are meant to provide you with high-intensity light and heat that enters your tissues and opens up your pores. So, trust us when we say there is no better feeling than getting yourself an infrared sauna blanket.

So, that is the very reason we have brought some of the finest and Best Infrared sauna blankets, so you don’t have to go through any hassle. Let’s get right into it

What Exactly is an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

A sauna blanket is quite similar to a sleeping bag as it covers your whole body. But the best thing about this blanket is that it also provides heat to your entire body that ranges from 80 degrees to 160 degrees.

You can set the temperature according to your preference and comfort because most sauna blankets have remote controls. The higher temperatures in the blanket cause you to sweat quite a lot which is the purpose of all this.

Also, it makes your body relaxed, and you might also get rid of any pain and aches in the muscles because it relaxes all the muscles in your body. Infrared sauna blankets are also very comfortable to cocoon in, and they don’t make you feel trapped at all.

A lot of people have this perception that these blankets might be too tight for them and will cause discomfort, but nothing like this happens as these blankets are specifically made to ensure safety and comfort.


Things to Know Before Getting into the Infrared Sauna Blanket

Even though the infrared sauna blankets are quite safe, you still need to consider a few things if you are using the blanket for the very first time because you obviously don’t want to be playing with something this potent.

So, that is why we have jotted down a few things that you must know before you get inside an infrared sauna blanket, and those things are:

1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is really important when you are going for a procedure like this because you are going to lose tons of water in the form of sweating. It can further result in dehydration, and that’s not healthy at all.

So, just make sure that you drink enough water before the session starts, so even if you sweat a lot, your body still has some water to work with. Also, make sure that you drink water even after the session ends because that will help keep you hydrated.

2. Temperature Selection

If you are using an infrared sauna blanket for the first time, there is no need to go overboard. You can start small and build it up, which is the right way. It’s best to start by setting your blanket at 100F and gradually increase the temperature a bit with each session.

A sudden increase in temperature is not good for your health, and it can have a very negative effect on you because your body is not used to such temperatures. So, our first goal is to make our body familiar with the blanket with lower temperatures, and then we can slowly build it up.

3. Time Selection

Time selection is also very important because you should not be sleeping in the infrared sauna blanket for hours, especially if you are a beginner, and use it first. So, select a particular time frame and only use the blanket for that time.

Beginners should use the infrared sauna blanket for about 10 to 15 minutes at best, and if you think you need more time for relaxation, you can gradually increase it to 2-3 minutes each session. Just don’t overwhelm your body in the first session, and that is it.

People who have been using infrared sauna blankets for quite a while even use them for 30-45 minutes, and there is no harm in that.

4. Number of Sessions

Another question that people usually have about infrared blankets before using them is how often they can use them. Well, it depends upon your routine and your needs too, but, ideally, people like to use a sauna blanket three to four times every week.

If you are a beginner, you can limit the sessions to just twice a week. If you think your body has gotten used to using it twice, then you can use it more than that. Some people only use the sauna blanket once a week on a Sunday afternoon just to get relaxed and destress their muscles, and that is great too.

Just do whatever suits you and your body because you are fully aware of your needs, and if you think you need a sauna more than thrice, then you should definitely go for it.


Best Infrared Sauna Blankets

We have tested a bunch of infrared sauna blankets and have listed the finest ones below, so keep reading.


1. TiNlovEaRTs Far Infrared Sauna Blanket


Best Infrared Sauna Blankets


This infrared sauna blanket is made with high-quality oxford material, and it is waterproof too. The temperature in this blanket is adjustable and ranges from 95F to 167F. You can also set the time as it offers the time settings of 15 minutes to all the way up to 60 minutes.

This blanket relieves your stress and gets rid of stiff joints and muscles. The material of this blanket is stretchable, so you don’t have to worry that whether you will be able to scoop it or not. It also has an automatic function of switching off once the temperature is too high.

It also dilates the blood capillaries and tissues resulting in improved blood circulation, and that is with the help of infrared rays. These infrared rays penetrate the skin and also remove the toxins from your body.

  • Relaxes the whole body with different heat settings

  • Warms up really quick

  • Keeps you warm

  • The infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissues

  • Made with high-quality material

  • The material is too stiff

  • Sweat leaks through the zippers

  • The remote often has some technical problems




2. SKYTOU Sauna Blanket, 2 Zone Digital Far-Infrared


Best Infrared Sauna Blankets


The SKYTOU infrared sauna blanket releases infrared radiation that helps with causing thermal effects in the body. It causes you to sweat a lot and oxidizes fat. Also, the company has tried to keep its infrared sauna blanket as safe for users as possible, and that is why, in case of any mishap or problem, the blanket automatically stops heating.

It is for the people who don’t want to go over the board with temperature because its regular maximum temperature is 80 degrees. It is also made with eco-friendly material, Oxford cloth, and waterproof PVC, just like the previous one we reviewed. No matter in which position you are in the blanket, you will get maximum heat and infrared rays.

This sauna blanket comes with double zippers to keep the blanket intact, and you can also take your hands out of it if you want. You can set the time settings anywhere from 15-60 settings, and it also comes with a remote control to change temperatures from 35C to 75C.

  • Relaxes the body

  • Offers multiple heats and time settings

  • Made with high-quality material

  • Easy to use

  • You need to heat it up for at least 15 minutes before using

  • Initially, does not result in any perspiration




3. VANELL Larger Infrared Sauna Blanket


VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


Vanell large sauna blanket helps penetrate the infrared rays into your body effectively and deeply. This blanket helps with releasing stress from your muscles and also reduces tensions in the joints.

Also, if there is a problem with the remote and you are unable to control the temperature, the blanket automatically stops heating, and it also has other safety functions that make it a reliable choice. It is made with the oxford cloth material, which does not damage the environment as much as other materials do.

This blanket is also not heavy, which means you will not feel any discomfort inside the blanket. The PVC of this blanket is waterproof, too, and its time settings range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Also, the temperature settings are from 86F to 176F.

  • Causes a lot of sweating

  • The quality of this infrared blanket is very impressive

  • Perfect for professional sauna results

  • The infrared rays easily penetrate the body

  • The bottom part of the blanket gets heated up quicker

  • Bigger people cannot fit their shoulders in usually




4. SILKFUN Infrared Personal Sauna Blanket


VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


This infrared blanket speeds up your body’s metabolism by providing it heat and infrared rays, which results in fat loss and lots of sweating. It not only relaxes your body but also detoxifies it, so the body releases all the toxins through sweat.

All the materials used in this blanket are of high quality, and the outer layer of this blanket is made with oxford cloth of the finest quality. On the other hand, the inner layer comprises waterproof PVC material that absorbs sweat.

It also has a two-zone safety box which means if the blanket gets too hot, it will automatically stop heating to keep you safe. It also comes with a remote control that helps you with different adjustments, and because the outer material of this blanket feels like silk, it looks very high-end and luxurious.

  • Highly reasonable as compared to other blankets

  • Improves the skin, body aches, and blood circulation

  • Has different heat settings

  • Has a waterproof PVC layer

  • The liner of this blanket can melt at a higher temperature

  • The PVC material has a weird odor




5. TTLIFE Digital Far-Infrared


VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


The TT Life blanket produces natural thermal effects in your body and helps a lot with weight loss. It does not take a lot of time to heat up either, and all it takes is 10 minutes for your body to start losing weight. It also helps with detoxifying, and using this infrared sauna blanket is easier than ever.

Temperature settings vary in this blanket, and they can range anywhere from 35-75 degrees. You can also pick the ideal time for you as it has options of 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Also, the heat and infrared rays reach both the front and back of your body.

The material of this blanket is not very stiff and can be stretched if you want to try different sleeping positions. This blanket can be used in both professional settings and in-house sessions, and it is perfect for beginners, too, because of its multiple temperature options.

  • It heats up very quick

  • Easy to use

  • Does not cause any discomfort

  • Causes a lot of sweating and does not cost a lot

  • Has an overpowering plastic smell

  • Heating is not even throughout the blanket




6. Vinmax Far Infrared Sauna Blanket


VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


Vinmax infrared blanket uses environment-friendly material, and it is also highly flexible. The inner layer of this blanket is also made with PVC material that is waterproof, and it results in lots of sweating.

The safety functions of this blanket are pretty advanced, and if anything unusual happens, the blanket automatically shuts off. It also makes sure that heat settings are not overwhelming for your skin, and it also has 2 side zippers so you can release your hands if you want to.

The temperature of this infrared sauna blanket is adjustable and will be perfect for first-timers and people who have been using infrared blankets for a while now. It also comes with remote control, and you can reduce fat and toxins, aches, and stress with this blanket.

  • Heats up faster than other blankets

  • Offers a wide range of time settings

  • Easy and quick to use

  • Helps a lot with body aches

  • Distributes heat unevenly

  • Does not come with a carrying case




7. Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket


VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


Gizmo sauna blanket offers a higher frequency of infrared rays than other blankets. It is made of high-quality leather and polyurethane material, which ensures that it lasts longer than other sauna blankets.

As it is made with leather, it is slightly heavier and heats up quickly, and traps the heat inside the blanket for longer. Also, this blanket is really easy to clean too. The inner layer of the Gizmo supply blanket is made with PVC and is waterproof.

This sauna blanket has a highly adjustable temperature that ranges from 30C to 90C. The blanket is very easy to use and adds a lot of aesthetics to your place. Also, setting it up is not a hassle either, and it serves its purpose quite efficiently.

  • Helps a lot with joint pain

  • Easy to store

  • It is affordable

  • Easy to clean

  • It May feel a little heavy

  • Takes some time in drying out after the session




8. VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


VANELL Sauna Blanket Infrared


It is one of the best-infrared sauna blankets because of its efficiency and features. It has a very unique power of deeper penetration which helps the infrared rays a lot to penetrate the skin and reduce weight, stress, and joint pain.

It is often used to improve blood circulation too and relax stiff muscles. In case of a problem, the blanket automatically shuts off within 0.01 seconds. Also, it is very lightweight and does not contain the plastic smell that most sauna blankets have.

Vanell sauna blanket is waterproof too, and you can use it while lying down in different positions, and it will still work best. It allows you to stay in the blanket from 15 to 60 minutes which is the standard time of almost all infrared blankets.

We have reviewed the larger Vannell sauna blanket before this one, and both of these are pretty much the same, with a few differences, including the difference in size. This particular blanket might not be suitable for bigger people.

  • Helps cure body aches

  • Reduces weight quickly

  • Lightweight

  • Affordable

  • Does not come with a carrying bag

  • The inside might melt with higher temperatures



Our Top 3 Picks of Infrared Sauna Blankets

Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket

TiNlovEaRTs Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

VANELL Larger Infrared Sauna Blanket


Buying Guide for Infrared Sauna Blanket

Now that you have gone through all the finest infrared sauna blankets, it is time to walk you through all the things you need to consider before getting your own sauna at-home blanket. So, let’s get right into it:

1. Temperature

Temperature plays a key role in determining the efficiency of your infrared sauna blankets, so make sure that it does not have limited options in temperature. The infrared sauna blanket should at least have 20 different temperature settings.

It is important to consider that if you are a beginner and haven’t used an infrared sauna blanket before, the one you are picking should have settings of lower temperatures as well initially so you can use them in the first few weeks.

2. Convenience

Convenience is also an important thing to consider, so just make sure your infrared blanket is not too bulky, and even if it is, it comes with a bag for storage. Also, if the blanket is too heavy, you will feel uncomfortable, and it pretty much kills the whole purpose of using an infrared blanket.

So, make sure that the blanket you are choosing is not made with heavy material and comes with a storage bag for added convenience.

3. Efficiency

If your infrared blanket is not efficient, it is not suitable for you at all because it is not serving its purpose. So, just make sure to go through customer reviews to make sure that the blanket you like works perfectly and is highly efficient.

Also, not all blankets heat up quickly and keep you warm in the blanket, so you can only determine whether it is good enough by going through the reviews and reading the features of the products. Or, you can simply pick any of the above-given products because they are the best ones in the market.

4. Price

You will find an infrared blanket from $100-$500, and it does not necessarily mean that the more expensive one is better. There are some pretty affordable blankets also included in our list of best-infrared blankets, and you can go for them too.

Just know that you don’t have to disrupt your whole budget to get a few hours of relaxation when you can get an infrared blanket within your budget.



Q.1: Can I use an infrared sauna blanket on the carpet?

Ans: Yes, you can use an infrared sauna blanket on the carpet, and it is completely safe, too, as long as the carpet is dry.

Q.2: What should I wear in an infrared sauna blanket?

Ans: It is advised to wear very loose clothes in an infrared sauna blanket. Do not wear pants or leather and always prefer cotton or lawn. A long and loose shirt along with loose lawn pajamas and socks would be perfect to wear on the sauna blanket.

Q.3: Can I use an infrared sauna blanket every day?

Ans: Yes, you certainly can use an infrared sauna blanket every day because it is completely safe, but brands usually advise you to only use them twice or thrice a week and give your body some time to get used to them too.



An infrared sauna blanket is the best gift you can give yourself because it is a one-stop shop for all the aches and stresses. Just make sure that you are buying the right type of infrared sauna blanket, and you will thank yourself for it.

Also, infrared sauna blankets obviously are connected to electric switches so just make sure that you follow all the safety precautions given in the manual to use it safely.

Have a great sauna day!