1 Person Sauna Dimensions – A Complete Guide

Are you looking for one person sauna? You jumped at the right article. In this article, we will elaborate you everything about the sauna dimension. If we talk about dimensions, the sauna has different dimensions according to customer demands and requirements. But the standard size of a sauna is 36″ X 36″ X 76 3/8″ H. Sauna helps us in different ways. First, it relaxes our muscles and removes our pain. It is also helpful for blood circulation in our bodies. The price varies according to size, dimensions, and capacity. The cost of 1 personal sauna starts from $1500 and goes high how much we want. Let’s talk about some exciting and flawless benefits and features.


Benefits of 1 person sauna

Health is more important than anything. We all must care about our health; the sauna helps us improve our health and guide us in a modern way.

According to a 2012 study, sauna heat improves blood circulation in tiny blood vessels and repairs broken skin tissues.

The person is sweating due to heat generated through the sauna and steam room. Pores are open because of sweating, and it helps to clean outer skin.

You can adjust your sauna in your room quickly with no hurdles or hassles.

Sauna helps you after a workout. It improves your muscle strength and removes your workout pain.

If you are stressed, the sauna can make the body release endorphins, which means you feel good, relaxed, and stress-free.

The sauna comes with music and television. If you are a music lover, you can go to that sauna.

Sauna helps you after a workout. It improves your muscle strength and removes your workout pain.


How will you find the exact size of sauna you need?

Don’t worry. We will share some essential tips to help you find the perfect and accurate size for the sauna.

The first and essential thing is to choose how many people will stay In the sauna at once. Without this, you can’t get a suitable sauna with proper dimensions.

Select the location where you will keep your sauna and measure that place.


1 Person Sauna Dimensions

Sauna inner size dimensions

It’s up to you which size you like more, but according to studies, the inner size minimum should be 200cm. We are talking about a small sauna in this size sauna. An average high person can lie easily and enjoy. If your height is too large and you have enough space, you can go for a large sauna. The whole family can use the large sauna as well.


Outdoor sauna dimensions

The external dimensions will play with internal dimensions. It would change the external dimension according to demands and needs. The standard dimension of the external sauna is 216 cm (external dimension) plus 2 multiply 6 cm (wall spacing) is equal to 228 cm total required space.

Large saunas are expensive, so always choose one that suits your pocket.


General size dimensions

The average size of the sauna is 6 by 5 feet. This sauna size is readily helpful for 3 to 4 family members. Traditional saunas are mostly large than infrared saunas, which require more space.


Ceiling Height

The minimum required ceiling height is 77 inches. But mostly, the sauna comes with 84 inches of ceiling height. The safe and recommended height for the sauna is 96 cm. According to the thumb rule, the traditional sauna is more effective than the infrared sauna.


Laying down In the sauna

For laying down in the sauna, you need a minimum of 6 feet horizontal and 7 feet ceiling height.


Space behind your sauna

Always leave the space around your sauna for maintenance and other necessary operations.


Custom size

Many custom-sized options available in the market can easily adjust in a tiny room.

No matter what size you choose, make sure your sauna is big enough for you to enjoy your experience.


Types of Sauna       

There are three types of sauna 1) Dry sauna 2) wet sauna. 3) Infrared sauna


Dry sauna 

A dry sauna generates heat caused by sweating and removes harmful bacteria in our bodies.


Wet sauna 

It is the second type of sauna. Wet saunas also heat the air to a high temperature and add moisture to the atmosphere.


Infrared sauna

These types of sauna are more famous and recommended. These are made with wood and designed to relax and heal the body.

The size of a sauna depends on the type of sauna. Dry saunas are typically smaller than wet or infrared saunas. They don’t need as much space for the steam produced in a wet sauna. Wet and infrared saunas can be the same size as each other or in different sizes.



A single sauna is best if you are alone. It is small, and someone can easily adjust it in any room. It is suitable for health. You can customize the size according to your room measurements. The average size of a sauna is 6 by5 feet. 1 person can easily lay and enjoy inside the sauna. You can customize the size of your height is more significant than the sauna. Our mission is always to keep you comfortable and healthy. I hope you enjoyed the article.

Person saunas are a great way to relax and enjoy some time to yourself. They are also a great way to improve your health. Person saunas can help detoxify your body, improve circulation, and reduce stress.